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January 26, 2023 by M.B. Edwards
August Burns Red is celebrating their 20th year in the only way a metalcore band should: one kick-ass, energetic concert after another. The band has invited The Devil Wears Prada and Bleed From Within to join them on this celebratory journey, which kicks off on February 15th. Sorry SoCal; the concert at the House of Blues Anaheim on March 1st is sold out, but don’t fret because they will also be in San Diego at SOMA.

Not only is August Burns Red celebrating 20 years, they are dropping one of the most anticipated albums of 2023, “Death Below.” The album is due out March 24th and contains special guests – Jesse Leach from Killswitch Engage, Spencer Chamberlain from Underoath, JT Cave, 2023 by y from ERRA, and guitarist Jason Richardson.


San Diego, California
February 28, 2023

House of Blues

Anaheim, California
March 1, 2023
The band dropped the video for “Ancestry” in November and it has been racking up views. Now you can catch another sneak peek of the album by listening to “Backfire,” which just hit.

Including the new album, August Burns Red has put out 10 full-length albums in their 20 years. The Grammy-nominated band – thanks to the hits “Identity” and “Invisible Enemy” – was formed in Pennsylvania in 2003 when the members were still in high school. Within a year, they put out their first EP, then a year later, their first full album, “Thrill Seeker.” The band saw a bit of turnover in their early days, but their current lineup is solid with Jake Luhrs (vocals), JB Brubaker (lead guitar), Brent Rambler (rhythm guitar), Dustin Davidson (bass), and Matt Greiner (drums).
Their musical style, while mainly metalcore, has progressive metal and melodic metal attributes. With Luhrs’ screaming and spewing vocals, the band pushes the limits and is always looking at ways they can incorporate other styles and elements into their sound.
Don’t pass up a chance to see August Burns Red in concert; they are full of energy and definitely know how to put on a fantastic show. Their San Diego show is February 28th at Soma, and OC Music News will catch them in North Carolina on February 16th to give you a preview of what to expect.