COVID Strikes Bad Religion

AND Lagwagon Tours

November 25, 2021 by Kevin Gomez

Despite cases going down and a feeling of returning to normalcy, Southern California was reminded this week that COVID is still very real and far from gone.   Two of the most anticipated lineups this week were either postponed or cancelled, as both Bad Religion and Lagwagon were forced to pull out of shows scheduled for this weekend. The sorrow is just kicking in.
One of the biggest tours in punk rock for 2020 was first announced in late 2019 as Bad Religion teamed up with Alkaline Trio and War on Women for a couple dozen shows across the nation.  The tour was indefinitely postponed last year due to COVID-19 and many wondered if we would ever see this incredible lineup again.  So, it was to the ecstatic delight of many when all three bands announced a nationwide tour of even more shows launching in October in Riverside. 
However, Sunday night Bad Religion announced that one of their members had tested positive for COVID and would not be playing Monday in Seattle or Tuesday in Portland.   Alkaline Trio and War on Women continued to play those nights, with the former playing a longer, headlining set. 
Bad Religion announced that their two shows at the Hollywood Palladium have been rescheduled for December 10 and 11, respectively, and December 12 for their show at the Masonic in San Francisco.   Alkaline Trio will still be playing those shows, however, without War on Women. 
On the other end of the spectrum, Lagwagon announced in July that they would be playing a duo of nights across the country, with the first night playing their Blaze album in its entirety, followed by a night of Double Plaidinum in its entirety, supported by the band, Red City Radio. 
To the disappointment of many, Lagwagon posted on their Instagram that “members in [their] touring party” tested positive for COVID and therefore they were unable to play in San Diego, or this weekend at the Observatory.  The band said to stay tuned for an announcement on whether these shows will be postponed or cancelled and what the future lies for the remainder of the tour.




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