TOP 10 of 2022

The Punk Rock Edition

January 25, 2023 by Rachael Contreras
We don’t dare say punk rock is making a “comeback” because it has always been here in some capacity. However, over the last decade or so, punk music has been building in ways we never thought possible. What was once thought of as a single sound dressed in leather and spiky hair has advanced to include almost all corners of music.
With this in mind, here is our list of the Top 10 Punk Songs of 2022, with a few honorable mentions. With a variety of punk styles, fans of alternative music tastes can enjoy.

TOP 10 OF 2022:

Ignite entered 2022 with new front man, Eli Santana, a self-titled album, and a world tour. “Anti-Complicity Anthem” was the right choice as the first release as it showcases Ignite’s 30-year history with Santana’s introduction reflects the perfect blend.
Number 1: “Anti-Complicity Anthem” by Ignite
Massachusetts punk band No Trigger has made a resurgence with their newest album, “Dr. Album” and my favorite song, “Antifantasy.” It has the politics we love with punk, but wrapped in comedic lyrics that have you equally laughing and singing along.
Number 2: “Antifantasy” by No Trigger
Cliffdiver is quickly climbing the ranks of notoriety with their unique blend of pop-punk; adding horns, male and female lead vocals, inventive song titles, and genuine lyrics, they call themselves “emo pop.”
Number 3: “New Vegas Bomb” by Cliffdiver
Rock/punk/grunge band Pinkshift is the newest band on the list. This trio only started in 2019, but rock like they’ve been doing it for ages. We look forward to more releases from them.
Number 4: “I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying” by Pinkshift
Zebrahead released “No Tomorrow” in 2022 as their first single from their EP coming out in 2023 titled “II.” Zebrahead continues their musical journey around the world and will be touring the globe this year.
Number 5: “No Tomorrow” by Zebrahead
Anti-Flag joined forces with Stacy Dee from the all-female punk band, Bad Cop / Bad Cop to knock this politically heavy song out of the park.
Number 6: “NVREVER” (feat. Stacy Dee from Bad Cop / Bad Cop) by Anti-Flag
British-American band As It Is released this relatable and catchy song that perfectly fits their popular punk/emo/rock sound.
Number 7: “I Hate Me Too” by As It Is
The duo from DC better known as Teen Mortgage released this track in the genre the band affectionately calls “garage punk.”
Number 8: “Tuning In” by Teen Mortgage
This is the first upbeat punk song I’ve ever heard that could pull tears. Centering the song around the loss of beloved Canadian actor John Candy, the band highlights our favorite Candy movie characters in the most loving, punk rock way.
Number 9: “Leaving Candyland” by Handheld
The young ladies of The Linda Lindas shot to popularity with “Racist, Sexist Boy,” detailing their experiences in high school. Seemingly overnight, they were everywhere in 2022, including opening for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Hollywood Bowl. Their 2022 debut album with Epitaph in will definitely not be their last.
Number 10: “Racist, Sexist Boy” by The Linda Lindas

Honorable Mentions:

“Dear Detective” by The Corps
“Bad Mouth” by Authority Zero
“Friendly Reminder” by Lipstick Stains


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