Returns to Orange County

February 23, 2022 by Rachael Contreras
Orange County’s own positive-punk band Chaser is gearing up for their upcoming tour with a local show at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa on Friday.
Chaser has been around for about 20 years, but since they released “Dreamers” last summer, they hit the pavement running and have been playing shows and promoting the album nonstop.
The band features Mike LeDonne (vocals), Jesse Stopnitzky (bass/vocals), Bill Hockmuth (guitar), and Davey Guy (drums). Not only are they some of the most likeable guys, but they can get down with their bad selves on stage. Professionals by day and beer drinking skate-punkers by night, Chaser will blow you away with their stage performance and get in the pit with you for a twirl around crowd! I’ve seen them at huge shows and tiny shows and their energy is always the same… electric!

This melodic skate-punk band has a ‘90s sound that you won’t get tired of, as evidenced by their fans that travel from miles away to attend all of their shows. If they play three shows in one weekend, you better believe at least half of the crowd is attending all three shows no matter how far they have to travel.
Their fans are also as nice as the band, and it’s quite a “family” experience that you can take your own family to! In fact, I have taken my three kids to a Chaser show and they loved it. When they heard I was going to see Chaser this weekend, they were really excited… until they found out it would be at a bar and quickly said, “Why do adults get to go to all the good shows?!”
The always smiling Chaser front-man, Mike LeDonne, says about Friday’s Tiki Bar event, “This is going to be an awesome show featuring some of OC’s best local punk bands. Come and support the local scene!” Chaser’s supporting punk acts for this show are Sidekick from Hollywood, and Taken Days and Lost Issue, who are both from Orange County.
Come to the Tiki Bar for a great time on Friday night featuring some amazing SoCal homegrown punk rock and be sure to buy the guys in Chaser a beer or two, or three.
CHASER Band Promotional Photo
Since each county, city, and venue has their own COVID protocols (because the world seems to be upside down!), please make sure you check the venue site for their rules.




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