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November 17, 2021 by Rachael Contreras
Ariel “DEVORA” Levitan is on her way to become the next big thing in music. She’s talented, she has an amazing personality, and some of the best pipes we’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Over the past year we have heard her music on radio stations everywhere on the planet. We know her best as “DEVORA,” and her big hit that launched her into stardom is “Not Dead Yet.”
Not resting on her proverbial laurels or current success, DEVORA is pushing forward with new music.
We are so excited about her beautiful new acoustic song titled, “Elvis,” which is coming out soon. Her upcoming music proves that DEVORA did not make her mark on the music world by chance or simply by a well produced song. No, she is a genuinely gifted artist with a great voice and her music resonates with music lovers worldwide.
More details are coming soon on her new music and the 2022 forecast.
On December 2nd, DEVORA will be opening for the burlesque play, “Desperada, The Old West All New,” at Florentine Gardens in Hollywood. She told TNNRADIO that the show is half burlesque, half musical theater, and she had the pleasure of watching the show in October and was blown away at the level of talent between the dancers, actors, and everything the show has to offer.
DEVORA will also be playing two shows with lovelytheband and Cannons for The Conversations with Myself About You Tour on December 18 in Phoenix and December 19 at the House of Blues in Anaheim – her first time playing “the HOB.” This show is sure to sell out so grab your tickets ASAP to watch music’s next big artist!

The takeaway from the chat with her is despite the stardom, she remains a genuinely down to earth person with a great sense of humor. She also has a pet scorpion named Jean-Clawed. Who doesn’t love a person with a pet scorpion?
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If you want to be fully entertained, check out her music and go out to one of her shows. She is definitely a new face and voice you have to see.


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