Foo Fighters Bring Us Medicine at Midnight

February 3, 2021 by by Traci Turner
Have you noticed the plethora of Foo Fighters lately? The guys are EVERYWHERE! There was the presidential inauguration, then ALTer EGO for iHeartRadio, and this week we’ve had preview clips of new songs on Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify. AND, there is Foo Fighters Radio on SiriusXM (channel 105), the band is on the cover of every dang music magazine out there, and the bestest…Foo Fighters x Vans shoe collab!
In case you have not put it together why they are all over the place, it is in anticipation of their new album, “Medicine at Midnight.” The band is celebrating 25 years together, and while COVID delayed the release of the disc, it is finally here. The band released three singles from it already; “Shame Shame,” “No Son of Mine,” and “Waiting of a War.” “Shame Shame” – thankfully nothing to do with “Game of Thrones” – has a catchy hook than can easily become an earworm. “No Son of Mine” is the guitar rock Foos we love (do I hear a White Zombie influence, or am I crazy?). Foo fans will not be disappointed by what the band calls an “upbeat” album.    
Their 2020 tour dates were moved to 2021, but the trend of this week seems to be bands moving events to 2022. Foo Fighters have been very visible in the past six months and there are plenty of recent live videos from them available online. (Source: my Foo-fan teen son)

The album drops this Friday (February 5), and they will host an album release party with iHeartRadio Friday night at 8 ET/5 PT.
Oh and get those limited edition Vans too!



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