The Re-Imperatour
February 21, 2023 by David Jackson
Swedish metal rockers Ghost are coming out of the darkness to be in our faces for their 2023 summer tour.
In extra exciting news, they will bring a very special guest – a band that landed on our Top 10 Heavy Metals Albums list for 2022. Yes, joining Ghost for this insanely cool Re-Imperatour will be Amon Amarth!

Once you see Ghost, you cannot forget them. The Swedish rock stars are led by their dynamic lead singer, Papa Emeritus IV, and truthfully, they put on a surreal show. With creepy outfits, the band is a visual experience to say the least. The music is equally fascinating.

GHOST Live | PHOTO by Tiny Toyland

With songs like “Ritual,” “Year Zero,” “Mary on a Cross,” “Dance Macabre,” “Secular Haze,” and recently… “spillways.” Their fans can’t get enough of this band.
Ghost is an electric experience you have to see to believe and it won’t be just the band! You will see fans wear outfits like no other concert event anywhere in the USA!

GHOST Live | PHOTO by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography

Amon Amarth, also from Sweden dropped “The Great Heathen Army” last year, their 12th studio album in 30 years. The Viking death metal army returned to their melodic metal origins and it has paid off.

The 27-city tour launches August 2nd in Concord, California and zig zags across the US before it rolls into town on September 11th at Kia Forum. Get your tickets now!



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