Set to Hit Segerstrom Center for the Arts
August 23, 2022 by M.B. Edwards
A revolution is storming Segerstrom by way of “Hamilton,” the hit Broadway musical. “Hamilton” might be a historical musical, but it is not outdated in the least. This Broadway show incorporates hip-hop, R&B and jazz, creating a modern musical masterpiece. Playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda and Director Thomas Kail paved the way with “Hamilton” and took Broadway into uncharted territory.
If you couldn’t already tell by the name, “Hamilton” tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, an orphan turned founding father, and might I add, the first politician to be involved in a sex scandal.

*SPOILERS* The plot of “Hamilton” demonstrates how mighty historical figures such as the Marquis de Lafayette, George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Aaron Burr impacted Alexander Hamilton’s life. Hamilton was an American Revolutionary and served as George Washington’s aide-de-camp, was the first US Secretary of the Treasury, and a Founding Father. During a ball hosted by Philip Schuyler, Hamilton falls in love with and eventually weds one of Schuyler’s daughters, Eliza, even though another one of his daughters, Angelica, is in love with Hamilton.
Hamilton partakes in a duel where he assisted John Laurens against Charles Lee, which ultimately gets Hamilton suspended for a while. Hamilton begins an affair with a married woman which led him to be blackmailed. Burr’s distain and jealously of Hamilton consumes him and causes their relationship to increase in hostility. Eventually, Burr challenges Hamilton to a duel, one Hamilton will not win.
Act II has some of the best musical numbers with “The Room Where It Happens” which is played around the time the Compromise of 1790 took place, and when Burr has had enough of Hamilton’s political pull. The number “One Last Time” is shown when Washington retires from office and Hamilton assists him in drafting his farewell address. Then there is “Burn,” the musical number that shows the heartache and humiliation of Eliza when she burns all the letters Hamilton wrote her upon finding out about his betrayal.
“Hamilton” is a political drama, or more factually, an American tale of heroism, determination, and vision with all the juicy details you’d find in any political climate. It took Lin-Manual Miranda seven years to write “Hamilton.” This timeless classic holds the most nominations for a Tony Award and has 11 wins. The amazing cast consists of Deaundré Woods as Hamilton, Donald Webber, Jr. as Aaron Burr, Darnell Abraham as George Washington, and Morgan Anita Wood as Eliza, along with all the other astounding and talented individuals.
“Hamilton” will be at Segerstrom this year from September 28th to October 16th, with a special Hamilton Benefit Performance on October 6th. If you want to help support Segerstrom’s non-profit Education and Community Engagement initiatives, grab your VIP experience for a preshow celebration party with special guests, incredible seats, and autographed mementos.
Tickets start at $49, and “Hamilton” is a little longer than most of the musicals this year with a run time just under three hours.




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