Brings the BOOM with P.O.D.

December 15, 2022 by Chris Hazel
It is said that we develop courage by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity. There is no better personification of this saying than a band from Ukraine called Jinjer.

Led by the inimitable singer Tatiana Shmayluk, Jinjer has been blasting their way across the States with very special guests P.O.D., Vended, and their Ukrainian brothers, Space of Variations. Jinjer end their tour in SoCal this month with their show in LA on December 22nd and San Diego on the 23rd.
Since releasing their video for “Pisces” in 2016, Jinjer has blown up in the metal world. Despite lineup changes since their formation in 2008, this progressive groove metal band from Ukraine has been touring non-stop. Through their hard work, Jinjer has had groundbreaking chart success and received heaps of praise from the critics, plus, they are one of the most cutting-edge and electrifying acts to see live.
Last year Jinjer released their hugely anticipated fourth album, “Wallflowers.” Unfortunately, in March of this year, the band was forced to halt their career due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But in June, they received permission from the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture to leave their hometown to tour as ambassadors of the nation to raise awareness and funds for the war effort.
In addition to “Pisces,” Jinjer fans can expect to rock out to “Judgement,” “Vortex,” “Perennial,” “Who Is Gonna Be the One,” and “Teacher, Teacher!”
Joining Jinjer on this tour is the nu-metal “Southtown” legends from San Diego, P.O.D. Known for their contagious crossbreed style of heavy metal, punk, reggae, hip-hop, and Latin music, P.O.D. has sold over 12 million records worldwide and has collaborated with everyone from Cypress Hill to Carlos Santana to Suicidal Tendencies.
Still rocking the positive message of Zion globally, P.O.D. continues to bring the “Boom” to “The Youth of the Nation.”
Shaking up the underground metal scene is Space of Variations, an anarchic metalcore/post hardcore band from Ukraine that started in 2009. Space of Variations made a huge impression with the release of their album “IMAGO” in September, and they captivated listeners with a range of emotions expressed with modern metal sound.


Los Angeles, California

December 22, 2022

House of Blues

San Diego, California

December 23, 2022
Vegas band Vended is a fairly new metal band to the road circuit, but they have shown they have the genetic talent. Vended features two members who are sons of members of Slipknot: lead vocalist Griffin Taylor (son of Corey Taylor) and percussionist Simon Craham (son of Shawn Clown). Their first EP, “What Is It/Killed It,” came out in 2021, but they have continued to drop new songs in 2022, including “Dead to Me” and “Overall.”
If a night of hardcore rock is up your alley, this is the show for you! Jinjer will spend the next several months touring Europe, so you do not want to miss them.