April 2, 2021 by Josh Coutts
Let’s get back to our ongoing Skaround the World SERIES with a band who has one of the most energetic live shows you’ll ever see. The band in question comes from “The Big Easy,” it’s a dynamic band called Joystick!
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Their upcoming fourth album is on Stomp/Bad Time Records and titled “I Can’t Take it Anymore.” It’s being released on Splatter vinyl with some killer colors, and hits April 16, 2021, so if you love good music, get your pre-orders in now!
I Can't Take it Anymore | Joystick!

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Joystick! and I can tell you that you absolutely won’t be disappointed because this band is phenomenal.
Their incredible live show will blow your socks off every time, guaranteed! With their new album ready and venues starting to open back up, maybe you’ll see them play those new tunes on the road this summer.
As for a great origin story, this band definitely has one. Joystick! came out of New Orleans and has been at it for 13 years, and like all bands, they have had their shares of highs and lows. Like all great bands, they face those challenges and yet here we are. All I can say is damn, they just keep getting better and better.
Their sonic vision has confirmed to all who see them that they are comprised of some of the most talented musicians out there and they are by far some of the coolest humans around. A good combination, and reason # 101 their fans love them the way they do.
I got to talk to lead singer, Paul Tucker (aka Duck), and not only is he a big goofy nerd like me, he’s always been really damn supportive of the scene. Another reason fans from coast-to-coast recognize a class act.
When I asked him about the new album, Duck said, “Even though this album definitely dives into some very dark subject matter, the overall theme is hope. I can only speak for myself, but I’ve been to some of those dark places and there’s always a way out. Life can get pretty shitty sometimes, but things are constantly changing and it can get better. Hold on. You’re not alone.”
He’s an absolutely inspiring dude and speaks truth when he says you’re not alone. He’s a class act for a reason, music is only part of the appeal.
Life is funny, you just never know how much we rely on a band until we’re in a dark place and need a sign of light. Bands like Joystick help us more than we know. Check out their music, buy some of their merch because they are fantastic humans. Be the hands that support the bands. As for me, I can’t wait to see them kicking ass on stage again!


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