One Step and Across the Pond
February 7, 2022 by Jimmy Alvarez
Once bitten, twice shy…. not sure what that means so let’s go with coincidence. But, three times is definitely a charm. Thus is the case or so we thought for the Kings of Ska, Madness! These giants announced they will be back in 2022 after all, but there’s a catch.
Before we talk about the new news surrounding the much ballyhoo’d British two-tone re-invasion, let’s flashback.  
The year was 1983 and I was a freshman in college and doing what teenagers do, going out with my friends to clubs. I was just starting to pay attention to music, I mean really paying attention.
I was at a place in Buena Park called the Kingdom of Dancing Stallions. If that sounds somewhat familiar, it’s now the home of Medieval Times. Back then it was just a horse show joint, but after the stallions were done, they would open up the arena and change to a dance floor, bring out strobe lights and boom, disco galore! It was there I heard music that would change my life. Bands like the Cure, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, and ultimately, the Specials and you got it, Madness.


In the here and now. Madness was first bitten when they announced their One Step Beyond 40th anniversary tour, then the pandemic reared its ugly head and put a kibosh to that. The tour was re-scheduled to 2021, but then… you guessed it, COVID-19! A coincidence, not this time, it was a very real concern. Sadly, we got another shot of reality.
Another notable event recently took place that impacts the make up of the US tour. Genre Godfathers of Ska-Core, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones announced they were bowing out and calling it a career. Sad news for so many followers of the Boston ska-core heavyweights. 
Crooners of songs like Prince Buster’s “Madness” and “One Step Beyond,” these ska royals are part of the fabric of our lives with larger-than-life hits like “Our House,” “Wings of a Dove,” “House of Fun,” Baggy Trousers,” “Bed and Breakfast Man,” “Night Boat to Cairo,” and “It Must Be Love.”
It doesn’t matter where you call home, you have heard their music at some point and time. Be it on the radio, movies and commercials, Madness has done it all.
In the here and now, turns out third time isn’t a charm. Whatever the case is, people being careful, the vaccines taking root worldwide, or a variety of factors, we saw a small beam of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Then, Omicron happened. Numbers spiked and well, you know!
So then, what’s the skinny on 2022? The Madness in America Tour was scheduled to launce May 26th up in Oakland, they it would come down the I-5 to play the Greek on May 29th , then they were to head on over to Sin City to take part of Punk Rock Bowling 2022 on May 30th. That was the plan, then we heard this news from the band:

“To all Madheads with tickets to our USA tour 2022. We are sad to announce that due to the continuing covid travel situation we have taken the hard decision to cancel our USA tour. Our plan is to return to the USA in 2023. Until then please go to the vendor where you purchased your ticket for a refund.”
For everyone in the UK or if you plan to go across the pond, this will be MUST-SEE events, so get your skanking shoes on, grab your Vespa Scooter and Bowler hat and head down to any of these venues and have the time of your life!


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