Slow Dream Tour

July 10, 2023 by M.B. Edwards    
This year’s concert season is packed now that bands are finally getting a chance to make up all those postponed shows and promote their newest albums. But it’s not too often you get a special treat, and the upcoming Matchbox Twenty Slow Dream Tour is just that. Each of the last three decades has seen a hit from this incredibly talented band and the Slow Dream Tour is all about gratitude.  
Matchbox Twenty is a rarity in that it still features founding members Rob Thomas (vocals), Kyle Cook (lead guitar), Brian Yale (bass), and Paul Doucette (drums). The longevity has not gone unnoticed by the band, and front-man Thomas takes time to thank concertgoers for their support over the past 27 years. The band is happy to still be producing music together and seems to always have unfinished business as they still have so many things they want to accomplish together.  

Born out of Orlando in 1995, they immediately rose to stardom with their debut album, “Yourself or Someone Like You.” The album went on to be certified 12x platinum. Matchbox Twenty has seen so many incredible hits – many you can’t help but sing along with – and it’s no easy feat to still be producing quality music so many years later. Thomas’ voice is captivating and just as powerful as it was in the late ’90s when he sang “Push” and “3 A.M.” The early 2000s saw more greatness with “Bent,” “If You’re Gone,” and “She’s So Mean.”  

In 2004, the band took a hiatus and many members worked on solo projects. Though their solo projects were good – Thomas received three Grammy Awards for his collaboration with Carlos Santana on the song “Smooth” – the band is obviously better together and they reunited in 2010.   During the concert you’re sure to be treated to their classic hits as well as songs from their newest album, “Where the Light Goes,” which features the single, “Wild Dogs (Running in a Slow Dream).” Their music touches people; it’s relatable and relevant even today.  
The US portion of the tour will continue through August 6 where it ends at Tinley Park, IL. Don’t miss your chance to see Matchbox Twenty in concert as it truly is an epic experience and you won’t be disappointed!  



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