God is Dead

February 9, 2023 by Rachael Contreras
As a follow-up to her smash hit “Not Dead Yet,” our favorite outlaw pop artist Devora has a new EP out.

The new EP is affectionately called “God is Dead.” This four-song EP finishes off with “Bonesaw,” which Devora describes as a romantic night gone wrong, ending with a bonesaw in a hotel room.
Who else has a pet scorpion named Jean-Clawed, a bonesaw collection, and is able to pack a lot of deep, dark, but meaningful lyrics into a four-song EP?

These four songs each have their own unique sound that is very “Devora-style,” but new. The third song on the EP, “Porn Star,” has a dance beat you could see being bumped at a dance club or enjoying in your all black-goth attire. Devora posted a video on her Instagram saying she’s very proud of this body of work – as she should be.

Taking the current cowgirl style and turning it on its head, Devora is the link between country and goth that we didn’t know could be combined. Put together not only in sound but in style, she lives what she sings and is a fashion forward self-proclaimed “Goth Dolly Parton.”

Devora will be on tour throughout the East Coast with Bush, while Candlebox joins them on some dates.
This tour starts off in Cleveland on February 10th and ends on February 26th in St. Louis. If you have the chance to see this trio of bands play together, you should take it. Each of these bands put on an incredible performance, so you are guaranteed an enjoyable time. We can only hope they bring it to the West Coast this summer.



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