Motorhart Tour Comes To The Observatory
March 3, 2022 by Jose Johnny Corona, Jr.
The energy is high and the crowd is anxious as the lights dim. The band hits the stage and the fans lose their marbles! Wait. This isn’t a show review; it’s a show preview!
Multi-platinum album UK rock icons The Darkness are summed up by one word, “electrifyinmg!” The band features front-man/guitarist Justin Hawkins, guitarist/producer Dan Hawkins, bassist Frankie Poullain, and drummer Rufus Tiger Taylor. The guys recently announced dates for their 2022 North American Motorheart Tour.
According to the band, this tour will showcase the live energy and firepower of “Motorheart” as it winds its way through North America this spring with 34 ass-kicking shows. The jaunt kicks off on March 9th in San Diego, and we can’t wait to hear the new tracks live and direct when they play the Observatory in Santa Ana on March 13th.

The Observatory

Santa Ana, California
March 13, 2022
With over 3,000,000 concert tickets sold around the world, four top ten albums, 200,000,000 streams on Spotify, five top ten singles, and numerous industry awards, The Darkness has toured with such giants as Queen, Guns N’ Roses, Lady Gaga, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, KISS, and Ed Sheeran. The band brings a back catalogue seeping with sonic gold, and they deliver a live show that delivers a reputation most bands can only dream of bringing to their audiences. Each show will include a melodic goodness, captivating fans with new songs from “Motorheart,” as well as hits from The Darkness’ award-winning, platinum-selling music.

The new album has had critical acclaim and given the fans some sick excitement with mind-blowing tracks and videos. Singles “It’s Love, Jim,” “Jussy’s Girl,” “Nobody Can See Me Cry,” and “Motorheart” demonstrate an album of immense highs and wide range of melodica. “It’s Love, Jim” is an all-out rock ‘n’ roll barrage; “Jussy’s Girl” oozes melodic rock; “Nobody Can See Me Cry” is a high-octane riffola; and the growling, pounding “Motorheart” brims with the band’s trademark vocals and blazing guitars.
We can also expect their hits “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” “Love Is Only a Feeling,” “Growing on Me,” “Barbarian,” and perhaps even “Get Your Hands Off My Woman.”
Joining The Darkness on tour are The Dead Deads, a Nashville-based rock band that plays everything good about grunge, hard rock, indie, classic metal, and punk, so get ready to have a memorable time. The band is a female power trio with monster tone and raw rock energy and will open for The Darkness on all dates.
These shows will sell out quickly, so don’t miss the flamboyant crazy rock debauchery that The Darkness brings. According to Justin Hawkins, said in a way only he can: “You there, in the Americas – hear me, and hear me well: The Darkness know your pain, know that you have cried yourselves to sleep every night, bereft of quality English rock music. Well, desist from weeping and pull up your fully grown adult pants – salvation is upon you! As doctors, we UNDERSTAND the healing power of rock music and we have instructed our minions to make arrangements for us to visit your moderately distant shores. The cryogenically sealed Tupperware box of roadies has been set to ‘Thor’ and the mighty winged chariot has been dusted off. Remember – one lick of Darkness sweat and you will be cured – you will literally walk again, without Covid or anything! But what price freedom and eternal life, I hear you ask? To you sir, about thirty bucks (plus local taxes and booking fee). Now get the fuck in!”
The Observatory is an awesome venue that showcases amazing talent of all genres, but shines with the melodic rock stylings that will leave your heart pumpin’ while you’re rockin’ out to the band. With a capacity of almost 1,000, it gets super lively and gives you enough room to rock out in the pit, or enjoy a seat toward the back in reserved seating. Wherever you go, you will have a great view of The Darkness.
The Darkness’ Motorheart Tour will be in SoCal on multiple dates: March 9th in San Diego, the aforementioned March 13th show in Santa Ana, and March 15th in Los Angeles. Get your tickets (and VIP packages!) now and don’t suffer from Darkness FOMO!


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