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May 29, 2023 by Holly Jones
Throughout my life, there have been many female artists that could bring a smile to my face no matter what was going on in my world. Dolly Parton had a way of doing that for me, as did Chrissie Hynde and Pauline Black. In college, I loved Joan Jett and Dolores O’Riordan. Polar opposites I know, but I love them for different reasons. Another female voice who holds a special place on my list is Ritzy Bryan of The Joy Formidable.

Last year we caught up with Bryan, and now we are happy to see the band coming to town this week. With hits that blasted us on local alt rock mega stations KROQ and 91X, we fell in love with songs like “Whirring,” “Cradle,” “This Ladder is Ours,” and their latest, “Into the Blue.”
As with all great bands, they are more than their music. Bryan and her bandmates, Rhydian Dafydd Davies and Matthew James Thomas, have kept us up to speed with what they were doing and entertained us online, and Bryan – being a lover of animals and nature – let us into her world through her regular posts and messages.

Their blend of angelic-like overtones, with dominant alt-and-indie sound, has been percolating for years. Couple that with their sonic signature and fantastic blend of multiple genres falling under one eclectic vision.

Formed in Wales in 2007, The Joy Formidable has toured everywhere and earned fans across the globe. COVID impacted their ability to take their 2021 album “Into the Blue” to venues near you, and so much was pushed back – which was frustrating for fans and bands alike – but TJF has maintained a focused regiment and their music remains a positive influence for their fans. The visual impact of the album and how it is delivered just illustrates through more than words and sounds. The sights their message can provide are moving.

Whenever I see them in person, or their posts, or their interviews, it is evident that this trio are good friends and they really enjoy what they do. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be so lucky? Last year Bryan told us, “After all this time, we still get inspired by working together and putting out new music. We look forward to making much more.”

With a positive attitude and an undeniable sound that has touched the souls of countless fans, The Joy Formidable is definitely a must-see band.
You can see them for yourself this week as they play The Garden Amp in Garden Grove with The Paranoyds Thursday before they head off to their UK tour. If you want to see an electrifying class act, check out The Joy Formidable!



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