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August 5, 2022 by Jimmy Alvarez
There’s a saying about New York: If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! I honestly think we have our coast’s version of that saying: Let’s go with ska bands that make it in Orange County, California!
As the music gods would have it, the OC is the birthplace of Third Wave Ska, and in 2022, the OC is ready to usher in some all-inclusive ska shows that feature Third and Fourth Wave Ska bands. Ironically, The Slackers actually come from New York; Manhattan to be exact. They have been part of the ethos of the genre since 1991.
Best known for tunes like “Bin Waitin,” “Mommy,” “So This is the Night,” “Self Medication,” “Keep it Simple,” “Alone Again,” “Make Me Smile,” “Mr. Tragedy,” “Wrongful Suspicion,” “You Don’t Know I,” and there’s their latest, “Don’t Let The Sunshine Fool Ya.” This is just a small sample of the music that has forever endeared themselves to the locals.
With a cosmic soul and style, The Slackers lineup is mesmerizing. The band features Vic Ruggiero (vocals & keys), Jay Nugent (guitar), Marcus Geard (bass), Dave Hillyard (sax), Glen Pine (trombone), and Ara Babaiian (drums). They bring a collective soul and sonic genius that has earned this band respect within the industry and their worldwide fanbase.


Santa Ana, California
December 10, 2022
These cats from New York are playing local shows, and to top that off, they are being joined by two other genre favorites. In one corner, from Boston, we have Big D & The Kids Table; and in the other corner, from Orange County, we have Bite Me Bambi!

David McWane fronts the juggernauts from Boston. Big D is electricity personified and considered one of the classiest and well-respected bands of the genre.
Big D & The Kids Table has been hitting the scene hard since 1995 with the hit parade that includes the songs “L.A.X.,” “Shining On,” “Noise Complaint,” “Little Bitch,” “Oi Dj,” and “Too Much.”
Not to be outdone, Bite Me Bambi is on a trajectory to be the next big export from Orange County. What’s most impressive about this band is they bring it all. They deliver on a sonic vision that encompasses the two-tone era sound while easily shifting into that Third Wave sound that blew the OC up. Then, they easily upshift to the new Fourth Wave sound that is distinctly Bite Me Bambi. This band features bandmates that have been playing the circuit in other very successful bands like Save Ferris, My Superhero, Karate In The Garage, and Suburban Legends.

Led by Tahlena Chikami behind the mic (and guitar), with Brian Mashburn (guitar), T-Bone Willy (trombone), Kyle O’Donnel (sax), Ryan Brown (bass), Mike Berault (keys), and Dan Evans (drums), this band is special. They are worth the price of admission on their own. Fans constantly scream for their favorite hits, “Strippers on a Sunday,” “I Don’t Wanna Be,” “Gangsters,” and “Hot Lava.”
Catch this amazing lineup December 10th at the Observatory in Santa Ana, and then this traveling circus of coolness will head down the I-5 to San Diego on December 11th.


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