April 19, 2021 by Jimmy Alvarez
Life in California is looking up. With our Covid-related numbers improving, things are starting to re-open; some faster than others, while some events still being cautious. Since music is a big part of the Southern California lifestyle, festival shows are a big part of our lives. Today there’s an announcement that will hopefully be the beginning of bigger and better things headed our way: the SoCal Hoedown is happening!
With all the planning and moving parts that surround any large festival, most have already made changes to their dates, lineups and/or venues due to Covid-19 numbers or state and local restrictions.  Even with that in mind, it was announced today that the SoCal Hoedown is being moved to September 18, 2021. It will remain at the scenic Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro.
Since many large festivals are setting their sights on August through December for their events, we asked Sellout Events Grand Poohbah, Scott Tucker if that was the #1 reason they chose to land this show where it did. Tucker said, “The weather in the Port of Los Angeles changes after October, and so we really had to look at safety issues with Covid as well as the weather and conditions of outdoor festival.”
So Cal Hoedown festival 2020 in Port of Los Angeles, United States |  FestivAll
We then asked how important it is to maintain the quality of bands on their lineup, and what they will do for the local bands, Tucker explained, “We really have to have great quality bands. Instead of one headliner, we’re working on a grouping of great bands so that it’s a large-scale show not resting on the shoulders of one band. We have an entire stage of locals playing, possibly close to a dozen, so it’s going to be bands we know.”
Sellout shows have always put special touches on their events for the fans. We asked Tucker if there is anything he could tell us that fans can look forward to at the event and he said, “Still working out the links on added attractions it could be a motorcycle show, pro skaters on a giant ramp or a drunk monkey juggling.”
As for the question everyone is asking, “Will Sellout Events be adding more bands to the lineup and if so, when will you be making announcements?” Tucker responded, “Yes, we’re still finalizing more and more contracts and we’ll be announcing more bands. We’ll be making those announcements over the next month. So far, the event features bands like Hororrpops, Reel Big Fish, Face To Face, Fishbone, The Untouchables, TSOL, Throw Rag, Supersuckers, Love Canal,  Sidekick, The Heroes, Side Eyes and Corned Project on this initial announcement.
We followed up with the million dollar question. “Is making the show as safe as possible just as important to you as putting on great bands?” That’s one of the things that has always been a staple of Sellout Events; the fan experience. Being concerned about safety is something that Tucker wants their staff to worry about, not the concertgoers. Providing a safe place is something that a fan going to any show anywhere in the country shouldn’t have to worry about. Show promoters nationwide will make sure their events are safe. For Sellout Event, this is top priority. Tucker went on to say, “We have a full itinerary of Covid procedures that we will be rolling out, such as temperature checks, sanitizing stations and various other precautions will be in place as well as other guidelines that we are waiting on from the CDC and other agencies.
Bottom line, music festivals will be materializing from coast-to-coast and around the world over the coming months. Southern California is at the forefront of putting on safe shows with the same entertainment with the bands we love. So get ready SoCal, because the SoCal Hoedown is back!