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December 14, 2022 by M.B. Edwards
All Aboard! Say bon voyage to 2022 as you embark on an emotional interactive journey of Titanic The Exhibition between now and January 14th, 2023, at the Beverly Event Venue in Los Angeles.
Your boarding pass, which corresponds to an actual passenger on the Titanic, provides an added sense of connection to the past as you step aboard the Titanic. There, you will immerse yourself into their story and the events leading up to the tragic sinking of the most extravagant and luxurious ship at the time. You’ll learn everything about the vessel you’d ever want to know about the ship starting from its design in 1908, carrying through its launch and the maiden voyage, and ending with the date it was finally discovered in 1985.

Magical moments await you as leave the dock and set sail on your Titanic journey. The red carpeted hallway, the orchestral music playing, the ornate furniture, the faux star covered sky illuminating the promenade deck are all things that will provide a glimpse into the no-expense spared design that shows off the luxury and extravagance of the Titanic.
The Beverly Event Venue
Los Angeles, California
NOW through January 14, 2023
Within the exhibit, you’ll examine over 300 artifacts that have been recovered or received from its sister ship (the Olympic), the survivors, and their families. Probably the most awe-inspiring moment is being able to gaze upon the grand staircase. Visitors can stand atop a raised glass floor as they take in the views as seen by the discovery team divers. In the Discovery Gallery portion, you can walk along a sandy makeshift sea floor where broken artifacts once claimed by the ocean are scattered about.
The recreated areas of the “unsinkable” Titanic include the first-, second-, and third-class portions of the ship. You’ll gain a better understanding of the societal hierarchy and variations of accommodations as experienced by those in 1912 as you view the boiler room, the billionaire’s suite, and the lower-ticketed sleeping accommodations. Regardless of the accommodations, many of the passengers who disembarked from Southampton, England on April 10 were taking their chances for a better life in America.
As beautiful and elegant as the Titanic is and as much fun as you will have as you pretended to be Rose from the movie “Titanic,” and fly from the bow of the ship, there is an overly emotional element. Towards the end, when you look down at the boarding pass in your hand and learn the fate of the actual passenger you carried with you through your historic journey, the realization of the lives lost that cold dark night embodies you.
The Titanic held dreams, hopes, and even fresh starts for many of its passengers. Those aboard reveled at the prospects awaiting them in America and the excitement of New York City. Unfortunately, the ship was not unsinkable, and for many, their story would not see the happy ending they’d so longed for. Over 1,500 people lost their life on that dreadful day. Their desires for a better life were swept away by the vastness and solitude of the ocean, yet the memories of each will never be forgotten. “Ocean is more ancient than the mountains and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.”
– H.P. Lovecraft.



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