Oi To The Word!

The Vandals Bring their Christmas Formal to 2020
December 4, 2020 by Traci Turner

Our Christmas wish list fulfilled! The Vandals Christmas Formal is coming back! As usual, the Vandal’s timing is perfect as this event could not come at a better time.
It’s no secret that the Vandals are one of the most beloved bands to ever come out of the OC. Their fans go beyond the borders of SoCal – they stretch from coast-to-coast and around the world
The Vandals are Joe Escalante, Dave Quackenbush, Warren Fitzgerald, and Josh Freese. They collectively put out a heart-stopping sound that keeps us coming back for more.
They will keep their holiday tradition going for us with amazing music and certainly their trademark humor.

Celebrating another fun-filled night of Christmas joy and debauchery, the Vandals will be spreading their form of much needed Christmas 2020, Vandals style. You just never know what to expect from them.
The past few years the Christmas Formal has come from the House of Blues, Anaheim. This year it’s coming to you from Santa’s Village in scenic Lake Arrowhead, California! So you can only imagine what the backdrops for this show will look like.

The Winter Formal

The Vandals Christmas Formal is a tradition for the locals, but it’s literally a sleigh ride enjoyed around the world. This year, it will truly be a spectacle.

The 25th Annual Christmas Formal is usually in person, but thanks to rules and junk, we can all enjoy it from wherever we are! The event will be streaming through @veeps beginning December 19 at 6 pm (PST).
You can stream the show to your heart’s content for a week – yes even on Christmas with the fam! This isn’t their first Noel, and they aren’t Angels, they’re Vandals. So buckle up because this will be a Christmas event like no other.