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August 18, 2022 by M.B. Edwards
The ‘80s are calling and they want their legwarmers back! Lace up your skates and glide on over to the Laguna Playhouse to see “Xanadu,” the funniest musical this decade. “Xanadu” stems from the 1980 film starring the recently passed Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, and Michael Beck. The movie may have been a dud, but oh that soundtrack with hits from Newton-John and the Electric Light Orchestra is bodacious.
Douglas Carter Beane wrote the musical, along with a book, but added a bit of dramatic flair by introducing a subplot into the musical, catching his muse from the mythical Greek tale of Perseus.
“Xanadu” originally opened on Broadway in 2007, and low and behold, Costa Mesa’s very own Segerstrom was the first stop on the US tour back in 2009. “Xanadu” has returned to Orange County and you can see this fantabulous, hilarious musical between now and August 21st.


Through August 21, 2022
*SPOILERS* “Xanadu” stands for, “True love and the ability to create and share art.” In the midst of creating a sidewalk mural of Greek Muses on Venice Beach, artist Sonny Malone becomes frustrated and dissatisfied in his work and decides to end his life.
The youngest Muse, Clio, who is also the leader of the Muses, convinces her sisters to help Malone gain inspiration, but they must do so in disguise. Clio finds the perfect cover and pretends to be a girl from Australia who wears leg warmers and roller skates. A couple of Clio’s sisters are jealous of her and her authority over them and decide to make her and Malone fall in love, which will cause Clio to be banished.

Malone gets his groove back and is inspired to create a roller disco, a combination of art and fitness. Malone attempts to get a cold-hearted realtor, Danny, to donate a theater for his disco, but to no avail. Clio, being the powerful muse she is, nudges Danny to change his mind. It looks like the roller disco will see the light of day after all, or will it? Clio’s meddling sisters have other plans and bribe Danny to tear it down.
By this time, Clio believes she has fallen in love with Malone and confesses everything about her true self, but Malone thinks she’s crazy. Clio returns home to Mount Olympus where she realizes she truly loves Malone.

“Xanadu” will leave you breathless from laughing so hard. It’s definitely a feel-good experience you don’t want to miss.
Tickets start at around $55, and as a reminder; the parking is not currently available, so you should be prepared to park in town or use City Lots 10 or 12.


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