The World Tour

July 7, 2023 by M.B. Edwards
Alt rock/pop punker Yungblud is currently on his World Tour promoting his self-titled third studio album, and he will remain busy through August.
Prior to becoming an international sensation, Yungblud – born Dominic Richard Harrison – was an actor and held a recurring role on the British soap opera “Emmerdale,” plus a recurring role as Oz on “The Lodge,” a Disney Channel musical drama/mystery.

Yungblud’s first single, “King Charles,” came out in 2017 and was later showcased on his self-titled EP alongside “I Love You, Will You Marry Me” and “Tin Pan Boy.”
His first studio album, “21st Century Liability,” included songs from the EP as well as hits “California,” “21st Century Liability,” and “Kill Somebody.” In 2019, he released “Weird” which featured the single “Strawberry Lipstick.”
Another landmark moment was the release of “I Think I’m Okay.” He collaborated with Machine Gunn Kelly and Travis Barker for this one, and his supporters dug it: 27 million YouTube views can’t be wrong, right?

Not one to sit around, he also created a comic book, “Twisted Tales of the Ritalin Club,” and has had his music featured in various shows and films, plus he created a short film for his work on the song “Mars.”

In March 2022 the world got a lot smaller for Yungblud as “The Funeral” blew up. Interesting how an international hit changes perspectives.
Radio stations like KROQ and 91X in SoCal jumped all over this one. With a wink and a smile, life took off in a new trajectory for Yungblud.

Yungblud’s music is often deep, dark, and full of emotion. He uses his music to highlight common problems faced by many individuals regarding sexual assault, depression, and anxiety. Of course, political problems need to be called out as well. His songs resonate with his fans (one such masterpiece being “Polygraph Eyes”). Many of those listening to his music feel like he is telling their story, that he understands their pain and suffering. And he does. He’s not immune to the ebbs and flows of life and the mental health and turmoil that many young and older adults experience. Music is healing and powerful and Yungblud’s is the example of that.
His presence onstage and during the times he chooses to make his way into the crowd during his sets, is extremely energetic. This is the time to see him. It’s a time to watch the magic and passion he has for his fans and music; to see history in the making. He is an absolute rock star onstage and puts on an incredible performance. It’s one you need to see for yourself.

His latest “Low Life” just came out and it’s created quite the buzz among the faithful!

Los Angeles punk band The Regrettes is supporting. Fronted by the dynamic Lydia Night, they are another act you must see as they blow the stage away live.
Yungblud is spending July and August touring the US. He is the rising star of the musical cosmos, so check for a show near you, and don’t forget your dancing shoes!



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