Foo Fighters – Love Dies Young
Muse – Hysteria
The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again
Stone Temple Pilots – Wicked Garden
Arcade Fire
Social Distortion – Story of my Life
Rage against the Machine – Killing in the Name
Kasabian – Bless this Acid House
Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime LIVE
Nine Inch Nails – Head like a Hole
Kitten – G#
The Pretty Reckless – Death by Rock and Roll
Van Halen – You Really Got Me
Dirty Heads – For What its Worth
Green Day – American Idiot
Death of Guitar Pop – Urban Ska Club
Bad Manners – My Girl Lollipop
Mojo Nixon – Elvis is Everywhere

Bros – Wolf Alice

Surrender – Angels & Airwaves

Train in Vein – The Clash

Blitzkrieg Bop – K-Man & the 45’s

Celebrity Skin – Hole
Over The Rainbow – Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
Get It Daddy – Sleeper Agent
Thunderstruck by AC/DC
Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie
First Date by Blink 182
Sabotage by Beastie Boys
Publication Date: December 3, 2022




December 1, 2022STATE CHAMPS LIVE at the House of Blues, San Diego Kings of the New Age Tour Review December 2, 2022 by Chris Hazel It was a typical Saturday night in downtown San Diego and clubbers were wandering the streets. It had been two days since Thanksgiving, and what better way to burn off the holiday food than rocking out at a live concert. New Yorks’ State Champs invaded House of Blues for their Kings of the New Age Tour and brought Between You & Me, Hunny, and Mothé (a change in the original plan – details in a moment). State Champs’ VIP fans had been inside the House of Blues for the meet and greet since 4 p.m., but the rest of the crowd waited in a long line for the doors to open at 6. Once inside, people were excited for the Kings of the New Age show to begin. The lights turned down and music started playing. Wait a minute… something is wrong here! This isn’t Games We Play, who was scheduled to open? To everyone’s surprise, there was a different band onstage starting things off. The band Mothé appeared, singing “You’re So Cool.” With great stage presence led by singer Spencer Fort – who dressed and looked like a young Steven Tyler from Aerosmith – the audience was thrown back with their happy alternative indie vibes. The group ended the 30-minute set with their hit, “Debt Collector.” Afterwards, the lead guitarist came out to greet the crowd. While talking with him and fans, I learned that someone in Games We Play got sick after the previous show in Anaheim, so Mothé was a last-minute addition to fill in. We wish Games We Play a speedy recovery! Up next and coming from down under – and bursting with energy – was the pop punk band Between You & Me. From Melbourne, Australia, they came out with guns blazing, kicking their set off playing “Butterflies,” from their latest album “Armageddon.” In the middle of this rockfest, these mates slowed things down with the ballad “Go to Hell.” In the middle of the song “Deadbeat,” vocalist Jake Wilson and bassist James Karagiozis jumped into the mosh pit, dancing with the crowd as fans took turns singing into both microphones. Ending the 45-minute set with their anthem “Dakota,” Between You & Me nearly stole the show. After a quick stage change, Hunny opened with the song “JFK.” Lead singer Jason Yarger was dressed like he came out of the alternative rock scene, wearing an old, holey Slipknot t-shirt that appeared to be from 1995, and dark sunglasses. Sounding nothing like their recordings, Hunny is more of a raw rock band than you would expect. With their influence of modern new wave and post punk, the band had the vibe of The Cure meets Green Day, with a no Fs given attitude that was so suave. Closing with “Lula,” the lead singer finished an entire bottle of red wine during their hour-long set, which was so Joe Cool. Fans got out their signed swag for “show and tell” in anticipation of the moment they had all been waiting for. Then the lights went dark. With a burst of electricity and smoke blasting to the skies, State Champs come out jamming to “Just Sound” as the crowd went crazy! The crowd was jumping, dancing, moshing, and crowd surfing immediately. With amazing lighting, Co2 Jet machines, and a huge LED screen behind drummer Evan Ambrosio for graphics, the band went all out and it showed. The energy was non-stop as State Champs played with a new level of intensity. Halfway through their setlist, State Champs whipped out the acoustic guitars to change the pace and mood. Fans in the audience turned on their phone flashlights and held them up high, as their heroes played “Crying Out Loud” and “Our Time to Go.” With everyone participating, including some House of Blues staff members, it was truly a moving moment. Towards the end of the night, they played a melody of old classics, wrapping it up with “Secrets.” It was all over, or so they thought. November 26, 2022 The crowd kept chanting “one more song” over and over again. The band came out for an encore, playing “Everybody but You,” as the place went ballistic for one last party! With a huge smile on Derek DiScanio’s face, crowd surfers everywhere, and smoke shooting into the heavens one last time, you could tell that the State Champs really were kings of the new age. SHOW PHOTO GALLERY by Chris Hazel Photography TO FOLLOW SID 221204 | TRACI TURNER, EDITOR [...] Read more...
December 1, 2022THE CURE Wish at 30 December 2, 2022 by Traci Turner Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and alternative legends, The Cure are looking back at one of their most successful albums, Grammy-nominated “Wish.” The 30th anniversary deluxe edition of “Wish” is newly remastered by front-man Robert Smith and Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. The 45-track reissue includes: the original album which featured hit singles “Friday, I’m in Love,” “High,” and “A Letter to Elise”; 21 previously unreleased demos; four songs from their 1993 mail-order only cassette “Lost Wishes”; previously unreleased song “A Wendy Band”; alternate mix of “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”; and a previously unheard live version of “End.” Of course, it is available on streaming services, plus three CDs, two LPs, and a limited edition picture disc. Founding member Robert Smith said he has wanted to redo “Wish” for a long time: “In the studio control room it all sounded excellent, but I got too busy sorting out our upcoming concerts to properly oversee the mastering. It was too late to do anything about it; the album was out, and we were off around the world again. It has really bugged for me for a very long time. It has taken 30 years, but finally, finally my Wish has come true.” This isn’t the only time they have looked back on their past. In 2020, The Cure celebrated the 30th anniversary of “Disintegration” and released “The Cure 40 Live,” a double concert film box set honoring their 40th anniversary as a band. The Cure has spent the past two months touring Europe and will wrap things up next month with THREE nights at the monstrous Wembley Arena in London. Fans have been treated to nearly 30 songs in the sets – including “Pictures of You,” “Lovesong,” “Lullaby,” “Close to Me,” “In Between Days,” “Just Like Heaven,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” and “Friday I’m in Love” – and some new material has been debuted. The loooooong-awaited album, “Songs of a Lost World,” is still due to be released soon-ish. Per Smith, it is “relentlessly doom and gloom.” And in what may be the highest honor, The Cure has received the Funko POP! treatment and can be preordered now. For $60, you can add Smith, Simon Gallup, Jason Cooper, Roger O’ Donnell and Reeves Gabrels to your Funko collection. Now, with all this going on, perhaps we will see the trademark disheveled hair and black eye makeup of Smith on our shores in 2023. FOR MORE INFORMATION SID 221202 | JIMMY ALVAREZ, EDITOR [...] Read more...
November 30, 2022NEKROMANTIX LIVE at The Observatory December 1, 2022 by Kevin Gomez For many, the night before Thanksgiving is a tremendously busy holiday into itself. There are last-minute shoppers, people traveling across the country, prepping for a turkey dinner. So, a wild and raging rock show was probably not everyone’s immediate thought, and yet, here we are on the eve of Thanksgiving with a sold-out crowd at the Observatory in Santa Ana. Yes, despite all the chaos this holiday brings along and people’s plans, droves came out for this stacked lineup, which largely goes to show the huge following behind Nekromantix. Kicking off the evening was The Rhythm Shakers from Los Angeles. I would describe them as rockabilly band, but they refer to themselves as straight up 1950s rock and roll. No matter what you call them, there’s no denying the booming vocals of Marlene Perez – a deep, powerful voice that is the perfect vehicle for their sound, highlighted by standup bassist, Victor Mendez. Perez’s voice alternates between sultry and powerful. Their energetic set featured songs in both English and Spanish. THE OBSERVATORY Santa Ana, California November 23, 2022 Any time you need a band to show up and party and get the crowd instantly ready to rock, just invite the Voodoo Glow Skulls. The punk ska band from Riverside knew they had a short set and wasted absolutely no time launching into “Human Piñata,” “Misunderstood,” and “Delinquent Song.” Lead singer, Efrem Schulz, clad in a horned lucha libre mask and sarape, bounced around onstage like an Energizer bunny on 10 cups of coffee, using every opportunity to sing from the lip of the stage to be closer to fans. The heart and soul of Voodoo will always be founding brothers, Eddie Casillas on guitar, and Jorge Casillas on bass. Jorge’s thumping bass and rapid playing really becomes apparent watching him live on songs like “Shoot the Moon,” which generated one of the biggest pits of the night – members of all ages skanking, moshing, and pogoing up and down. Voodoo sticks out from what many would consider your “typical” ska band, in that they are much heavier and show hard rock and even metal influences – such as Eddie’s guitar intro for “Insubordination” a take on Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train.” The band closed with “Voodoo Anthem,” leading to chants from the chorus, “who do Voodoo? We do! F*ck you!” A large crowd started gathering as the lights turned down low and the PA began blaring Slade’s glam rock 1973 hit, “Cum on Feel the Noize.” One by one each of the Lower Class Brats took the stage, joined last by lead singer and co-founding member, Bones. Although the Brats are originally from Texas, they have since made Los Angeles their home, so this was a homecoming of sorts for the band and many of their fans came out to celebrate. The crowd got pretty rowdy in the mosh pit as the band tore through “All the Young Dudes Are Pissed” and “Do It Again.” Bones, donning a black bowler hat and his customary black gloves, snarled through rapid-fire lyrics as fans sang back to him. In between songs, bassist Ron Conflict (Ron Martinez, lead singer of Final Conflict) said that this was the portion of the show where they switched things up. “We notice our mosh pits are usually pretty male-driven. But for this next song, we want ONLY girls in the pit. Guys, you’re going to sit this one out; this one’s only for them.” Sure enough, a female mosh pit broke out for the popular “I’m a Mess.” Lower Class Brats closed with “Ultra Violence” as fans cheered asking for an encore, even though they were not the headlining act – something you don’t see often. After the Voodoo mosh pits got the crowd amped up, I foolishly thought perhaps the Lower Class Brats crowd would be the most raucous of the evening. I had no idea just how insane a fanbase the Nekromantix have. Their fans had been rabidly awaiting the psychobilly band from Denmark. As soon as the band launched into their first song, “Nice Day for a Resurrection,” a mosh pit exploded, swallowing up the entire floor. Lead singer Kim Nekroman played his signature coffinbass – a custom stand-up bass with the body of a coffin and a headstock in the shape of a giant crucifix. Nekroman’s vocals sound like something out of a European sci-fi flick, perfectly encompassing the horror themes of their music, accompanied by guitarist, Francisco Mesa’s raspy vocals. The second song of the night, “Driller Killer” really showcases the musicianship of all three members – Nekroman thrashing wildly at the coffinbass, Martinez shredding through classic rock n’ roll guitar, and Rene Garcia playing a steady drum beat at a breakneck speed. They slowed things down for the moody “Subcultural Girl,” and also played the humorous tongue-in-cheek “Horny in a Hearse,” a song which may explain how they came up with the name Nekromantix. The band closed things down with “Haunted Cathouse” and the speed demon, “Who Killed the Cheerleader?” Fans showed up, and the bands most certainly showed up. A packed audience soiled and exhausted cheered loudly into the night having just experienced four acts who gave everything they had. This crowd certainly had something to be thankful for. SHOW PHOTO GALLERY by Robert Hale Images TO FOLLOW SID 221201 | TRACI TURNER, EDITOR [...] Read more...
November 29, 2022THE LEMONHEADS ARE READY FOR THE OC November 30, 2022 by Traci Turner Alternative rockers The Lemonheads will visit the OC this weekend to perform “It’s a Shame About Ray” in its entirety. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the 1992 album was the band’s fifth, and the title track finally gave Evan Dando and crew recognition to the masses. In addition to “It’s a Shame About Ray,” their cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” also helped earn them a spot in ‘90s alternative music history (the song itself was added to the re-release of “It’s a Shame About Ray”). “Mrs. Robinson” has enjoyed surges in popularity over the years thanks to appearances in “Wayne’s World 2” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Dando formed the band in Boston in 1986 and has remained the one constant member, but throughout the history of the band, members have included Ben Deily, Jesse Peretz, Juliana Hatfield, Karl Alvarez and Bill Stevenson (Descendents), Nic Dalton (Godstar), and Patrick “Murph” Murphy and George Berz (Dinosaur Jr.). Joining Dando on this tour is bassist Farley Glavin and drummer Mikey Jones. THE OBSERVATORY December 2, 2022 HOUSE of BLUES, San Diego December 1, 2022 The Lemonheads have been performing additional material on this tour as well – often doing 20-song or more sets – so you may hear other classics like “Big Gay Heart,” “It’s About Time,” “Into Your Arms,” in addition to Dando’s solo material and favorite cover songs. Despite all the musical accomplishment, you know you made it when you get to play yourself on a successful TV sitcom. That is what Dando did in 2019 when he appeared in an episode of “The Goldbergs.” About Dando’s cameo, producer Adam F. Goldberg said ““Evan Dando is the first cousin of my best friend Chad Kremp, who grew up across the street from me in Jenkintown.” Goldberg went on to say, “The entire Kremp family often appears on the show both in real life and as characters. They are like my second family. It was always crazy that Chad’s first cousin was a rock star which began in the late ’80s,” Goldberg added. “I have memories of watching Evan play at weddings or family gatherings, and for a kid like me from a tiny town, it was just mind blowing. I followed Evan’s career through the ’90s and went to many Lemonheads concerts in NYC. Since he was my best friend’s family, he always felt like my family in a weird way. Since The Goldbergs is a show about my childhood, naturally I wanted to bring Evan into it because he was there .” (Left: Real life Evan Dando – Right: Goldbergs Evan Dando) In 2022, Dando is back on the road with his bandmates. You can catch them Friday night at The Observatory in Santa Ana, or if you are a little south of that, go for Thursday night in San Diego at the House of Blues. TO FOLLOW SID 221130 | JIMMY ALVAREZ, EDITOR [...] Read more...
November 28, 2022FACE TO FACE LIVE at The Observatory feat. Guttermouth & Voodoo Glow Skulls November 28, 2022 by Rachael Contreras It was a rainy night in Orange County, but it did not stop clothing company Imperium Rags from bringing free merchandise and a free show with some fantastic SoCal artists to The Observatory. Opening the night was the punk band Sidekick. They played a quick, 15-minute set, but not before treating us to a nice rendition of Diesel Boy’s hit “Titty Twister” before going into a song of their own. They were a last minute fill in and guitarist Brent Waterworth had less than one practice before the show, but the band pulled it off nicely and kept everyone – both onstage and in the crowd – in smiles. Next up was Riverside’s favorite ska-core band, Voodoo Glow Skulls. Starting with “Human Pinata,” the band was energized. “Generation Genocide” got the fans amped up enough to start a circle pit, which didn’t seem to stop the entire night. During “Shoot the Moon,” Voodoo front-man Efrem Schulz climbed the tall monitors and sang to the crowd on stage right while bassist Jorge Cassillas and guitarist Eddie Cassillas sang back up. Finishing up their set was their popular song “Voodoo Anthem” where the Voodoo man makes an appearance, holding a sign with “Who do Voodoo” on one side and “Fuck You” on the other to encourage the crowd to sing along, which everyone did. After a quick equipment change, Guttermouth took the stage. Funny front-man Mark Adkins told the room that a few of them were inebriated, so there was no telling how their set would go and then said, “We are called Guttermouth. If you don’t like it, you can go fuck yourself,” and jumped right into their set. Wondering the stage like a skate-punk Captain Jack Sparrow in a hoodie, Adkins moved around his allotted area, equally singing to the crowd as much as to his band mates. Since Guttermouth has been an Orange County punk staple for so many decades, fans were happy to see them in their own backyard and hear the songs they have loved for so many years. Of course, during “1, 2, 3, Slam,” the crowd went from circle pitting to slam dancing and drinks went flying through the air. The fans tried to tell Adkins that it was difficult to hear him at times, but he quickly replied with a smile, “You can’t hear me because I’m a shitty singer. What, am I supposed to get better? I’ve been in this band 35 years,” to which the crowd erupted in laughter and hollers. After their last song, Adkins told the crowd, “I’m an old man but I still do this. Thanks for being here” and the crowd cheered while the band left the stage. The wait for Face to Face seemed a bit longer than for the other bands, but it was worth it. To see this successful SoCal punk band in such an intimate setting was quite the treat. Once the band took the stage in front of their giant banner, the crowd went crazy and the band started with “No Way Out But Through.” Playing songs like “A-Okay” and “Bent But Not Broken” shook the crowd into a circle pit/sing-along frenzy. With a smile, front-man Trevor Keith told the crowd that Imperium Rags left the band a nice gift basket in their dressing room that included a bottle of red wine that drummer Danny Thompson drank the majority of. We are 90% sure he was joking but it made for a funny background story. “You Lied” had Thompson doing some great drum stick flips as he caught them going into the next strike on his kit, and “I Won’t Lie Down” got guitarist Matt Riddle jumping off monitors on to the stage. The band was relaxed and appeared to be having a very good time. Having just played in front of thousands of people at Punk in the Park three days prior for both Voodoo Glow Skulls and Face to Face, the change in crowd size and venue proved to be a delight for both the bands and fans alike. SHOW PHOTO GALLERY TO FOLLOW SID 221131 | TRACI TURNER, EDITOR [...] Read more...
November 28, 2022Metallica 2023 = Album & Tour November 29, 2022 by Traci Turner Metallica has just announced a new album and tour for 2023! The 12-track album, “72 Seasons,” is their first album of new material since 2016’s “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct.” Per their announcement: “NEW ALBUM… 72 SEASONS! Yes, you read that correctly… we have completed recording at HQ, and our 12th studio album is coming your way! It’s been six years since Hardwired…To Self Destruct, so we think it’s about time for some new music. With 12 tracks totaling over 77 minutes, 72 Seasons hits all the places you can consume music on Friday, April 14, 2023.” As for the title, front-man James Hetfield explained, “72 seasons. The first 18 years of our lives that form our true or false selves. The concept that we were told ‘who we are’ by our parents. A possible pigeonholing around what kind of personality we are. I think the most interesting part of this is the continued study of those core beliefs and how it affects our perception of the world today. Much of our adult experience is reenactment or reaction to these childhood experiences. Prisoners of childhood or breaking free of those bondages we carry.” “72 Seasons” will be available on “CD, 2LP 140g black vinyl, two different colored vinyl variations, and digitally in the Met Store.” If you preorder the album, you will receive an instant digital track, “Lux Æterna.” The band has also completed the video for the new song. To go along with the album, the rockers will take to the road for 46 shows in 22 cities across the globe. Dubbed Metallica’s M72 World Tour, each “No Repeat Weekend” will have the band play a city twice, but with different setlists and openers for each performance. Supporting acts include Architects, Mammoth WVH, Five Finger Death Punch, Ice Nine Kills, Volbeat, Pantera, and Greta Van Fleet (check dates near you for specific opener). SoCal residents can catch Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Robert Trujillo, and Lars Ulrich in person on August 25th (with Pantera and Mammoth WVH) and August 27th at SoFi Stadium (with Five Finger Death Punch and Ice Nine Kills). Citi cardmembers and Metallica fan club members will have access to presales which begin for two-day tickets on Wednesday (November 30th) with general on sale beginning Friday. Single-day tickets will be available January 20th. TO FOLLOW SID 221130 | JIMMY ALVAREZ, EDITOR [...] Read more...
November 27, 2022A Conversation With The Buckleys November 29, 2022 by Traci Turner While the holidays are wonderful and fabulous, if you are like me and want to pretend it’s still summer, throw on “Oops I Love You” from The Buckleys and grab a fruity drink with a fancy umbrella. Repeat as needed. Australian siblings Sarah, Molly, and Lachlan Buckley have been rocking the Australian country charts with multiple hits. Their album “Daydream” gave them success with the title track, “Money,” “Breathe,” and “I’m Comin’ For Ya (Love).” Their latest EP, “Take It As It Comes,” is also dropping hits including the title track and aforementioned “Oops I Love You.” They have been in the US for the past few weeks – from NYC to LA – and of course, the home of country music, Nashville. And yet… I hesitate to label them “just” country. They have a fun pop “Red” sound that could absolutely place them on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Regardless of label, I was excited to hear they would be performing in Nashville after walking the red carpet for the CMA Awards. Unfortunately, COVID visited my house and not only did I have to skip their performance, the interview we had set up was not an option as I did not want to risk ruining their trip by meeting them face to face with germs. Luckily, we were able to chat by phone, and I’m so glad we did because they are three of the sweetest Australians I have ever spoken to. THE BUCKLEYS Traci: Hey Buckleys! Where are you today? Molly: We’re in Los Angeles. Traci: How has your trip been? Molly: It has been so lovely. Sarah: Yeah, we’ve been absolutely loving it! We played our first show in LA the other night, and it was just so much fun. The crowd was awesome. We’ve just been having a great time getting to know some people over here. Traci: Is this your first trip to Los Angeles? Molly: We’ve been to LA before, but it’s our first time staying for a couple of weeks and actually being able to experience it a bit more. Last time we were here, we were just here for a couple of days, and now we’re here for a few weeks, so it’s been awesome. Traci: And you were on the East Coast too. Was that your first time in New York City? Sarah: Yeah. It was so incredible! We have – me and Molly, especially – have been dreaming of going to New York for so long, and we’re just excited to be there for the fashion. We wore the most ridiculous outfits. (laughing) We had a lot of fun there as well. Traci: What has been your favorite thing on this trip to North America? Lachlan: I would say playing live shows. Playing in Nashville, playing in New York and LA. Traci: And you guys got to do CMA, the big time CMA Awards! Lachlan: Yeah, that’s another one. Unreal! Traci: Is that amazingly overwhelming? Sarah: Yeah. We have grown up watching the CMA Awards, just all the time when it was on. So it was pretty wild and surreal to be there, a part of it, and on the red carpet. It was a massive milestone and literally dreams to be there, so we’re very grateful that they had us. Traci: You guys recently had the number one song on the country chart in Australia with “Love Me Wrong,” right? Sarah: Actually, it’s funny. Our latest single, “Take It As It Comes,” just went into the top 10, and then we have another song which wasn’t a single, but Australian Country Radio just kind of picked it up and it went number one for two weeks last week or the week before. So, yeah, pretty exciting and cool to see people responding to the new songs, and in ways that we didn’t really expect. To have two songs charting is pretty crazy. (laughing) Traci: “Take It As It Comes” is your second EP, and you released a documentary of the same name. Is that behind the scenes of recording the EP? Molly: Yeah, the documentary was filmed when we were recording the EP in Nashville at the start of this year. Grant James, who directed it, flew to Nashville to meet us and Christopher Jenkins, who produced it. They came to Nashville and just kind of caught the creative experience, the process of this project; it really gives the project a story and it was really awesome experience. Then we had the global premiere in our hometown, Byron Bay, for the Byron Bay Film Festival, so that was also an incredible experience. Sarah: We’re actually super excited because it just was awarded with Best Documentary Short at the Independent Shorts Awards here in America. That is a massive achievement. We’re all super stoked about that. So it’s cool to see it out there in the world doing its thing. Traci: Since you are siblings, what about your parents? Are you a musical family? Molly: Yeah, very much so. We grew up in a very musical household. Our dad played music his whole life. Mom kind of picks it up here and there when she can, and it was always just something that brought our family together. Some families go water skiing or whatever; we all play music together. Traci: Who does what in the band? Lachlan: We all share the load depending on what we’re doing. So, going to gigs, we all have different roles and who’s doing what. The business side of it, we all kind of have our own sort of way of doing it. Traci: Who is the songwriter? Or is it all three of you? Lachlan: All three of us. Sarah has been writing for the longest and on this new EP, we’ve all written every song together except for “What Ya Gonna Do About It.” We all have a shared creative process as well. We love writing together and coming up with music. Traci: What is your songwriting process? Do you just randomly get inspired? Sarah: It’s always different. I feel like first it has to come from a place of inspiration, an idea, thought, something that someone said, or even a melody; any little piece of inspiration that comes to you, whenever it comes to you. I try to write it down or record it in that moment, so I have a big list in my notes of titles or just random thoughts, ideas. When I do get in that moment, if I can sit down and write a full song or a chorus or whatever, I’ll do that. Otherwise I’ll just kind of bank up all these ideas. And when I do sit down at a piano or a guitar or have a moment to create it into a full song, I will. But yeah, it always kind of starts with just something, anything really that can. Traci: Then you yell, “Hey, Molly, Lachlan! Come here! I’ve got something!” Sarah: Yeah, totally. I always love it. It’s always great when we get to write together because, like Lachlan was saying, we have different strengths and weaknesses and we do kind of really complement each other creatively. I love bringing the idea into these guys, and Lachlan is great on production and things like that. So it’s really great – the three of us riding together. Traci: What’s next after this US trip? You head home and then? Sarah: Yes, home, but we’re planning on coming back early next year. Hopefully. Really excited about what’s coming next. Traci: I know the EP just came out, but do you have another album on the horizon? Molly: We’re always writing, so we’re always kind of working on the next thing and writing new songs for the next project, so yeah, we’re really excited to any time we can get back in the studio and do some fun stuff. Thank you to The Buckleys and the next time you hit Nashville, I’ll take you out for Southern food, assuming I don’t have that pesky germ thing. We look forward to hearing more from The Buckleys in the future, especially if it means more songs that inspire fancy beverages… TO FOLLOW SID 221130 | JIMMY ALVAREZ, EDITOR Header Photo Credit: Kimberley Vecsei [...] Read more...
November 27, 2022DESCENDENTS LIVE at The Glasshouse November 28, 2022 by Kevin Gomez When you think about punk rock music that came out of the burgeoning beach scene of Southern California in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, there are probably three names that come to mind: Black Flag and the Circle Jerks out of Hermosa Beach, and Descendents out of Manhattan Beach. After four decades this band remains one of the biggest active punk pioneers around today. THE GLASSHOUSE Pomona, California November 19th & 20th, 2022 They’ve maintained their punk rock cred without cries of “selling out” amongst a community that can often be critical and dismissive. Saturday, they played the first of two sold-out shows at the Glasshouse in Pomona. Opening the show was Prince Daddy & the Hyena, which I would describe as a melodic punk rock ensemble from New York. I could see influences from Weezer and Green Day and even Pavement, particularly from lead singer and guitarist, Kory Gregory. There’s definitely a quirkiness to their lyrics and song titles, reminiscent of Rivers Cuomo; for example they opened their set with “***Hidden Track***” (yes, that’s actually the name of the song). I had been listening to their three albums prior to the show and have found myself continuing to do so after their set. I really like their sound, as it’s reminiscent of both the punk bands, and alt-indie bands I grew up listening to. Lead guitarist Cameron Hanford showed off impressive playing on songs like “A Random Exercise in Impermanence (The Collector)” and “Jesus F*cking Christ.” I feel like the crowd was a bit tentative, which I took to assume was because they were not familiar with Prince Daddy & the Hyena, and also because there is such a huge fanbase behind the Descendents. They seemed a bit indifferent at times, which Gregory jokingly commented, “You’re a quiet audience, aren’t you?” For their part, though, I believe the band started to win them over as a pit formed during “C’mon & Smoke Me Up.” The band closed with “El Dorado,” really showcasing their range and indie rock roots. A loud cheer went up as the four members of Descendents took the stage at the Glasshouse. Guitarist Stephen Egerton began a grinding guitar riff as the band opened with “Everything Sux.” I think far too many bands from all genres and generations get too comfortable with a certain set of songs that become their routine setlists. Despite a few minor tweaks here and there over the years, you’ll see a band play the same set of songs for decades. Descendents are not one of those bands, which along with their incredible live performances, is why you never want to miss one of their shows. It’s almost as each one is unique, but especially if they are playing the same venue consecutively. They had already hinted that they would be playing a different set of songs Sunday night, albeit some of their routine staples were of course, played both nights. Saturday night’s setlist saw them visit nearly their entire catalogue, playing at least one song from nine of their various releases. Last year Descendents released “9th & Walnut,” which was a compilation of songs dating back nearly two decades prior. Originally recorded in 2002 by drummer Bill Stevenson with former members – guitarist Frank Navetta and bassist Tony Lombardo – the project remained untouched until COVID shut down the world and lead singer Milo Aukerman laid down vocals, finalizing the record. The band played “Sailor’s Choice” and “Nightage” from this release. Again, there was some overlap with the next evening’s setlist with fan favorites, such as “Hope,” “Silly Girl,” “Clean Sheets,” and “Coolidge,” but those are staples of live shows, which encompass the Descendents sound. What I was more interested in are those songs they chose separately from Saturday’s setlist, including “On Paper,” “Without Love,” “My Dad Sucks,” and “’Merican.” It’s not unusual to have a really great, prodigy-like musician or two in a band, but the fact that the Descendents flaunt three just demonstrated why their popularity has only grown over the years. Stevenson has always been the heart and soul of the band, and a drummer whose playing style is still seen and heard on bands today. Egerton’s playing is usually at a breakneck speed, shredding through riffs and solos, and yet just as easily he breezes through the odd signature and bizarre song that is, “Van.” I’ll probably mention it every time I write about Descendents but Karl Alvarez remains one of my favorite punk bassist to watch live. From the iconic bass intro to “Myage,” to his frenetic playing on “I Wanna Be a Bear,” it’s not just how fast he plays but how technical and difficult he plays that is so impressive, all while fingerpicking. Even “I’m the One,” arguably their biggest hit, comes alive with Alvarez playing – from the intro to watching his fingers slide down the neck into that booming chorus. For the encore as the band returned to the stage, Aukerman said they were going to be playing some “deep cuts” and said they had not played this next one in a while. He went on to further say it was “one of those ‘I don’t know how to pick up girls’ songs; I think I wrote a bunch of those” for what would ultimately be “Sour Grapes.” They followed up with “Feel This” and then “Marriage,” a song I’ve never heard them play live. They ended a nearly 80-minute set with the melodic “Get the Time.” On behalf of the raucous crowd that night – and fans all over the world – “Thank you for playing the way you play.” SHOW PHOTO GALLERY by Tiny Toyland TO FOLLOW SID 221129 | TRACI TURNER, EDITOR [...] Read more...
November 27, 2022THE SLACKERS Don’t Let the Sunlight Fool Ya Tour November 28, 2022 by Chris Hazel Heading into the final stretch this winter, The Slackers are hitting road for the second leg of their Don’t Let the Sunlight Fool Ya Tour with five dates in California before they finish on the East Coast. Supporting The Slackers on this December tour are Big D & the Kids Table and Bite Me Bambi. Formed in 1991, these veterans of the circuit have been one of the most notable bands to emerge out of the New York City ska revival scene, and have been a pivotal part of the music world for 31 glorious years. Since the Third Wave Ska explosion in the ‘90s, the band’s mixed sound of rocksteady, reggae, and soul has kept The Slackers going strong with 15 albums, countless singles, and having played thousands of concerts all around the world. The Slackers have been called “the best ska band in the world” by Rude International, and New York Times said they are “the sound of New York.” THE OBSERVATORY Santa Ana, California December 10, 2022 HOUSE of BLUES San Diego, California December 11, 2022 Making the comeback after the pandemic stopped live shows, The Slackers started touring again in the second half of 2021 with 30 shows across North America to celebrate their 30th anniversary. To cap things off, The Slackers released a new album called “Don’t Let the Sunlight Fool Ya” in the spring of 2022, which rapidly zoomed to the top of the US Billboard charts. Funny as it may seem, this is the first time an album from The Slackers has charted all these years, making them eligible as a Billboard “new artist.” Also on the tour, Boston’s favorite third wave sons of ska, Big D & the Kids Table are no strangers to touring either. The band released their album “Do You Art” in 2021, and then in September 2022, they were excited to announce a limited edition pressing of “Strictly Rude,” commemorating the 15th anniversary of the album’s original release. The special edition will be available at your local record store in December. Last but definitely not least, also on the tour is OC’s next big import Bite Me Bambi. Reminiscent of the British two-tone and Third Wave Ska, this super group is made up of members from Save Ferris, My Superhero, Karate in the Garage, and Suburban Legends. Just in time for the holidays, Bite Me Bambi dropped a Christmas music video on Black Friday called “Mall Santa,” that will hopefully, alongside with “Holiday Cheer,” make the set list for this winter’s tour. The Don’t Let the Sunlight Fool Ya Tour is about as close to perfect as it gets. With The Slackers renewed success, support by Big D & the Kids Table, and Bite Me Bambi returning for one last holiday hooray in 2022, we can’t think of a more perfect way to end the year. Catch the SoCal shows on December 9th at Ventura Music Hall, December 10th at The Observatory Orange County, or December 11th at House of Blues, San Diego. TO FOLLOW SID 221127 | TRACI TURNER, EDITOR [...] Read more...
November 25, 2022Annie Coming to The Dolby Theatre November 25, 2022 by M.B. Edwards Leapin’ Lizards! A family favorite show guaranteed to melt even the coldest hearts this holiday season is coming to Los Angeles. The musical “Annie” will grace the Dolby Theatre stage from November 29th through December 18th. “Annie” is one of the more popular musicals in the U.S., and is based off a comic strip called “Little Orphan Annie” by Harold Gray. The original musical has won multiple Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and the song “Tomorrow” became one of the most famous Broadway musical numbers. Back in 1977 when “Annie” first opened on Broadway, it set a record at the Alvin Theatre for the longest running show (practically six years!). Charles Strouse provides the music with lyrics written by Martin Charnin. Ellie Pulsifer plays Annie, an orphan who’s had a “Hard Knock Life.” Annie holds onto hope that she will be reunited with her parents, but decides to take matters into her own hands. She tries to escape the orphanage ran by Miss Hannigan (played by Stephanie Londino), a cranky woman who hates children and loves booze. Annie’s attempts are foiled until Bundles, the nice laundry man, hides her in his truck. Eventually, Annie is captured by forced to return to the orphanage where she meets Grace Farrell (Julie Nicole Hunter), the assistant to Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks (Christopher Swan). Grace takes Annie to the Warbucks mansion to spend Christmas with them. Mr. Warbucks offers $50,000 to anyone who can prove they are Annie’s parents. Grace goes back to the orphanage to tell Miss Hannigan that Annie is going to be adopted. This infuriates Miss Hannigan who complains to her brother, Rooster (played by Nick Bernardi) and his girlfriend Lilly (Krista Curry). These two hatch a plan to impersonate Annie’s parents and with the help of Miss Hannigan, claim the reward. Luckily, Mr. Warbucks has connections and with the help of Franklin D. Roosevelt (Mark Woodard) and the secret service, they expose the fraudsters allowing Mr. Warbucks to legally adopt Annie. In the end, friends of Mr. Warbucks adopted all the orphans under Miss Hannigan’s care. “Annie” reminds us all to never give up hope; good things are just around the corner; and there are kind, decent people in this world willing to help. Even when things seem bleak and we feel alone, there is always someone who cares and who is ready to open up their heart. Make time in your holiday schedule to see this classic musical! TO GET TICKETS SID 221124 | TRACI TURNER, EDITOR [...] Read more...
November 25, 2022WARFEST 2023 Slated for January November 25, 2022 by Kevin Gomez Warfest, the annual punk rock festival, returns to its normal time in January of 2023. The festival also returns to its home at the Gaslamp in Long Beach, where it has been every year (except when COVID put a halt to live shows). While the festival brings yet another great lineup of bands, a slight change to this year’s festivities is that the usual two-night event will all take place on one day – Saturday, January 14th. This year’s headliner will be none other than the phenomenon known as Punk Rock Karaoke, a first for Warfest. For those unfamiliar, it’s essentially karaoke but with a live band consisting of punk rock royalty: Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks, Bad Religion) on guitar, Stan Lee (Dickies) on guitar, Darrin Pfeiffer (Goldfinger) on drums, and Ed Tatar (Dickies, D.I.). With over 60 legendary punk rock songs to choose from, anything from Green Day to NOFX, to Black Flag to the Descendents, whether you’re in the crowd or on stage singing, it’s a blast and something you have to experience in person. During the pandemic, the band even began doing remote collaborations with celebrity vocals recorded separately, most notably, Tony Hawk singing The Jam’s “In the City.” No strangers to Warfest, the night will also feature punk rock delinquents, Guttermouth. It’s always interesting to see how lead singer Mark Adkins will perform at their shows. Whether it’s playing songs like “Lipstick” or “Bakers Dozen” and playing the role of perpetual brat cracking wise in between songs, he’s always hilarious and entertaining to watch. I have noticed their shows have gotten a lot tighter since adding the phenomenal former Voodoo Glow Skulls drummer, AJ Condosta to their lineup. Ed Tatar will be pulling double duty that night, as bassist in Punk Rock Karaoke, as well as his main band, D.I. A band at the heart of the Orange County punk movement in the early ‘80s, along with the Adolescents and Social Distortion, D.I. has remained active for the last forty years. The one constant during that time has been lead singer and founding member, Casey Royer, who has hosted Warfest on previous occasions. WARFEST 2023 GASLAMP Long Beach, California January 14, 2023 A special treat for the night will be a performance by Bad Brains lead singer and co-founder, HR. The highly influential hardcore punk icon will likely be playing a toned down set featuring songs off of his solo reggae efforts. HR (which stands for Human Rights) has released over a dozen solo records since his 1985 debut, “It’s About Luv.” Through both the Bad Brains and his solo work, HR has often stressed the importance of “PMA” or positive mental attitude, a lifestyle that has since been adapted by several hardcore bands, including Toby Morse of H20. Getting to see HR perform will truly be a memorable experience. The night will also feature support from bands returning from last year’s lineup including Long Beach’s hardcore punk band, Dissension; Infamous Stiffs, who were one of the highlights of last year’s festival and look to bring that same energy this year; The Clowns, who despite their onstage wardrobe show that they are nothing to laugh about; and the night will start with longtime Orange County pop punk band, Mr. Firley. Another great lineup of punk for Warfest 2023, so grab your tickets and make plans to be there! FOR TICKETS WARFEST 2023 SID 221124 | TRACI TURNER, EDITOR [...] Read more...




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