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OC Music News [“OCMN”] is an online music news magazine established in December 2019 by BNG Marketing © in association with TNN RADIO and Green-Eyed Blonde Photography. Technical support provided by Smash Magazine | Las Vegas. The magazine was founded to provide Orange County with a reliable music news outlet that published what the locals wanted to read. The stories are forthright and don’t require corporate endorsement or approval.
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The magazine’s primary objective is to service the Orange County, California music community as well as providing much needed information on local events, entertainment and culture. As of the initial launch, OCMN covers all aspects of ALT rock, punk, reggae and ska and all sub-genres from all eras.
Due to demand, the magazine immediately began to cover stories that reached beyond the OC communities borders and began working on stories from from coast-coast and around the world. Over the years TNN developed relationships with industry professionals. These individuals consisted of band members, seasoned columnists and photographers.
As for the parent company, BNG Marketing was organized in 2004, it’s always been headquartered in Orange County. The initial business model was a real estate-based publisher. Initial distribution agreements were executed through Red Led Press and Amazon. Later engagements included providing new music / album reviews for a new music delivery platform called iTunes.
With the success of the music division of the company, the radio entity [“TNN RADIO“] was launched in 2006. The music program was originally broadcast through the American Radio Network. TNN stands for “Alternative Music, then nnow. It was founded as a part talk, and music program.
Over the years the show has evolved into a full-length music program that covers Alternative Rock, Punk Reggae and Ska from all time periods. The show includes interviews with established and up-and-coming bands. The endeavor was so successful, TNN embarked on chronicling their programming with adding photo and video journalist to cover concerts throughout southern California.

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In 2010, the program began to publish their stories, photo’s and video content on their own social media pages. By 2012, their stories were being published in hard copy magazines on both coasts such as OC Weekly, Los Angeles Times, Smash Magazine | Las Vegas, and New York’s Atlas Obscura Magazine, as well as other online magazines.
In May 2014, BNG transitioned its broadcast entity to KXFM in Laguna Beach (www.kxfmradio.org). The show has been an enormous success. It has been an award winning program, most recently is was named by FeedSpot as the 2019 Alternative Music Podcast of the Year.
Today the program is featured on various sites and can be found on Apple Podcasts.
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TNN RADIO on Apple Podcast
With the success of the broadcast, photography, video and writing divisions… migrating to the journalism media was forecast to take place in 2022. However, in November 2019 the OC Weekly unexpectedly closed its doors after nearly a quarter century of publication. As a result, this left a gaping hole for writer’s photographer’s, bands, record labels, venues and publicists that relied on that magazine to get their stories out.
With the assistance of music industry professionals, some former OC Weekly staff, TNN RADIO staff, technical support from Smash Magazine, and supporters from the entire OC music community, OC Music News News published its first article on December 3, 2019.
The article was a preview on a show at the Troubadour by alternative rock icons, The Pixies. The story was written by Alaina Pierce, a long-time staff photographer and writer. While the OCMN website was in development, BNG utilized the TNN website as a proxy. This first story was done very quietly, and almost overnight; and OC Music News officially launched itself into the music publication world.
On January 26, 2020 BNG launched the stand alone website for OC Music News. The website officially announced OC Music News was open for business. Like the Phoenix, something good rose from the ashes of the OC Weekly shut down. We are driven to provide the best and most accurate music news coverage as well as providing the best quality and dynamic photo journalism on the planet. We’ll promote NO POLITICS, Just Food For the Soul! The future looks very bright for OC Music News.
The first featured cover story on the OC Music News Website was the reunion of Rage Against the Machine.

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The first official event OC Music News covered as a music news organization was the One Love Cali Reggae Fest at Queen Mary Park which took place February 7 – 9, 2020.

In 2020 OC Music News photos have been used by ALT Rock/Punk band Social Distortion for their social distancing campaign. Photos have also been used by GRAMMY.COM.

In June 2020 OCMN was issued its ISSN ID from the U.S. Library of Congress.

In the end, it’s our mission to produce a quality paper, based on solid reporting and good storytelling. After all, good storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.

“You have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re headed”

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