311 Goes LIVE from The Hive

with BLUE

February 19, 2021 by Traci Turner

Today seems like a good day to tell you that 311 will perform their self-titled “blue” album in its entirety as they wrap up a series of live streams from their Hive Studio on Friday, February 20th!

311 intended to celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2020, but after the pandemic forced everyone off the road, they created their own live-streaming platform, ​311 StreamSystem. The show will be the third “Live From the Hive” show, but StreamSystem (named after their album of the same name) will continue to debut new content and 311 ideas. The band decked out their studio with high-quality cameras, lights, sound and visual equipment that will provide a “psychedelic, multi-camera experience in the place where all things 311 happen.”

The platform also enables the band to keep their crews working at a time when most are out of work. A portion of proceeds from the live stream will benefit ​Crew Nation,​ a charitable fund to help road crew members who have been unable to work for the past year.
311​ continues to entertain their fans with its original lineup of Nick Hexum, S.A. Martinez, Tim Mahoney, Chad Sexton and P-Nut. They have brought us many incredible songs in their 30 years, including “Come Original,” “Beautiful Disaster,” “Down,” “Love Song,” “I’ll Be Here A While,” “Amber,” “All Mixed Up,” “Sunset in July,” and so many more.

When you get your ticket, there is a one-hour pre-show hangout and post-show forum with the band is available. The video goes live at 5 pm (PT)/8 pm (ET) and the performance starts at 6 pm (PT)/9 pm (ET). The ticket also includes nine additional re-streams.

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