April 30, 2020 by Harriet Kaplan

The 320 Festival was originally scheduled in May to take place across the entire L.A. Live complex; billed as the one-of-kind event changing the way we talk about mental health. Given what’s happening with the Stay at Home Order, it will now be going online per Kevin Lyman (Founder of the Vans Warped Tour and Professor at USC and CEO of the Kevin Lyman Group and Unite the United) and Talinda Bennington (Co-Founder of 320 Changes Direction). 

In partnership with KNEKT.TV, people from all around the world can tune in on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and the KNEKT VT Network on Roku, AppleTV, and more to join the conversation through educational sessions, musical performances, workshops and more May 8 – 10, 2020. The virtual event is free and open for all to join and participate. 
This change was prompted by the current restrictions on public gatherings in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. This pandemic is affecting almost every country across the globe. It’s unknown how many people it will ultimately impact, but one thing is certain: many will be affected emotionally from prolonged isolation to over-crowded homes, to heightened levels of more stress and anxiety, as well as financial hardships, strained relationships, grief, and loss.

This virus will exasperate the mental health (diagnosable conditions such as anxiety and depression, and PTSD) and emotional health (such as loneliness, grief, and loss) of billions of people around the worldwide. Given this extreme, beyond challenging situation, 320 Festival couldn’t be more timely and relevant.


In a recent interview, Lyman told us that “In times of adversity, it has always been about adapting, and we are glad we were able to work with KNEKT.TV to bring the 320 Festival online.” He went on to say that “the idea for 320 was born out of my personal experience and the recognition that we can do better to address the needs of those who are suffering with mental health concerns and addiction, said Bennington shedding light on trying to do more and reach out in a significant and meaningful way.” Bennington created 320 Changes Direction in honor of her late husband, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, who struggled with depression and substance abuse throughout his life. Sadly, he was a victim to this illness. In the end, we all realize we can’t defeat the darkness by keeping it caged inside of us. Chester woke us up to that.

Kent Speakman shared his insights about the goals and objectives of KNEKT.TV: “Providing the world with accessible viewing, positive connections and connection that matters, and its an honor to be part of a historic moment when wellness, finance and isolation add critical significance to all aspects of mental health.” Speakman also spoke about the music performances portion of 320 Festival: “It’s what gets people through tough times, it’s the bridge to connection, connection with the artists, the other fans, it lets us know we are not alone in what we are going through.” 

The 320 Festival ONLINE will feature with over 40 non-profit partners providing resources, Mindfulness Daybreaks live performances from artists including Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October, Lindsey Stirling, Art Alexakis of Everclear, Social House , Bruce Wiegner, Dylan Dunlap, Elohim, Evaride, Frank Zummo of Sum 41, Gnash, Holy Wars, Moontower, Rouxx, and more.The Educational Sessions will feature discussions surrounding topics like Cultural Perspectives on Mental Health,  Social Media: The Age of Anxiety, Coping and Thriving After Trauma, The Psyche of Sports: Lessons Learned On and Off the Court, Prevention Resources: Learn the 5 Signs and How to Help, Criminalizing Mental Illness: America’s Shame, Hope for the Day’s Things We Don’t Say Workshop, Music’s Effects on Mental Health and Addiction, Being an activist and a creative: how to channel both of your passions to impact your community, Mental Health + The Education System, Living with Addiction, Mental Health In The Workplace and more.

The list of panelists and speakers is insanely good; it includes:

Jason Flom (CEO of Lava Records and criminal justice advocate), Justin Brooks (Director of the California Innocence Project), Tara Conner (Miss USA 2006), Erin Raftery Ryan (Executive Director NAMI, Westside LA), Tiffany Jenkins (Juggling with the Jenkins), DJ Nash (Executive Producer of “a million little things), Bob Fitzgerald (Television Play by Play Broadcaster of the Golden State Warriors), Torri Shack (Executive Director / Founder of Tangible Movements), Justin Furstenfeld (Lead Singer of Blue October), Wesley Geer (Founder of Rock To Recovery, Founding Member of Hed PE, Touring Member of Korn), Greg Williams (Filmmaker, The Anonymous People and Generation Found), Brian Mackenzie (Breathing Coach, Founder & Creative Director at Power Speed Endurance, Co-Founder & Creative Director for MyState, LLC, President & Co-Founder Health and Human Performance Foundation), Nazanin Mandi (Actress, Model & Singer), Jennifer Gimenez (Model, Actress, TV Personality, Addiction Specialist & Speaker), Gabe Escobar (Tik Tok Influencer & Mental Health Advocate), Paul Zak PHD, Jamie Tworkwski (Founder of TWLOHA), Jonny Boucher (Founder + CEO of Hope for the Day and Sip of Hope), Richard “Wolfie” Wolf (Author of “Tune In: Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness”, Emmy Award-winning Composer, Multi Platinum Selling Producer, CEO of Producers Lab, Inc., USC Adjunct Professor), Joel Rivas (CEO and Founder of Saint City Culinary Foundation), LJ Malberg (Founder & President Compassionate Muse, Christmas Bacos – Sr. Director of Workplace Mental Health, HFTD), James Kinney (VP, People of Advertising Agency & Co-Founder of Disrupt HR LA) and more. 
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The Darker the Night, the Brighter the star.
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320 Festival | May 8-10, 2020


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