What We Say with Ada Lea

March 2, 2020 by Leeza London

After working in the music business in one capacity or another, you get to meet musicians at every level of their careers, and sometimes, you even form friendships with these artists who end up staying in your life forever.  This has been my experience, at least.
I have visited friends, who have been so kind to put me up in their spare room including Karl Wallinger (World Party), Clint Boon (Inspiral Carpets), Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks), and Glenn Tillbrook (Squeeze), among others.  And in turn, I have had many friends stay at my house including Nick Heyward (Haircut 100), Evan Dando (The Lemonheads), Steve Diggle and Chris Remington (Buzzcocks), and many more. Just recently, I had the pleasure of hosting the adorable and immensely talented singer / songwriter Alexandra Levy, from Montreal, who records and performs as ADA LEA.


Ada released her debut album What We Say In Private in July 2019 on Saddle Creek, and toured Canada and Europe extensively up to the end of the year. Her label describes the album as “bold and daring, but also gentle and vulnerable.” Even though What We Say In Private was a documentation of an ending of a romantic relationship, it still feels warm, and bright, and uplifting, and simply lovely. Track 4, For Real Now (Not Pretend), is a great example of that. The lyrics “You’d rather go stag and leave town” are followed with “Today is gonna be a good day.”  Good for you, Ada. Way to keep positive.  A lot of “break-up” albums are dark and depressing, but not this one. This one leaves you with hope.

for real now (not pretend) video

Ada was in town for a month, staying in my back bedroom while recording at a studio here in Pasadena. Every morning she would wake up bright and early, do her vocal exercises, then leave for the studio, which is only about a mile away from my house.  Ada was a true professional; totally focused on the job at hand.  And when she’d come home, we’d discuss her day’s session, as she would cook herself a big pot of homemade veggie chili.

Ada’s dedication resulted in a successful session, and her new recordings, a four track EP Woman Here, will be ready for release on Mach 27. Produced by Marshall Vore, this EP includes the single Woman, Here, as well as the demo version of the song, along with two previously-unheard recordings from the What We Say In Private sessions. Ada says that this new EP should be seen as being “like a second cousin” to What We Say In Private. “We included the songs that we still felt close to,” she explains, “but didn’t seem to have a place on the album.”

woman, here video

Being a visual artist and a musician, Ada often finds herself thinking in shapes, colors, forms and creating scenes.

I so enjoyed having a little songbird in my back room, and was sad to see her go. I hope Ada will be back soon…the room is ready for her.
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