Adam Sandler LIVE

at Yaamava’ Resort & Casino

December 16, 2022 by Christina Sanchez
Just wow. Everyone who bought tickets to see Adam Sandler at Yaamava’ Resort & Casino sure got their money’s worth. It was arguably the best, and most well-rounded, comedy show I have ever seen. Add in that is took place at a beautiful venue; what a night it was.
The comedian and actor, who most of us fell in love with through “Saturday Night Live,” “Happy Gilmore,” “Billy Madison,” “The Wedding Singer,” “Big Daddy,” and “50 First Dates.” He has gone on to have a successful screenwriting and producing career, plus shown he can handle dramatic roles as well. But, for this night, we were here for the comedy!

Sandler has been surprising crowds with his opening acts and this audience was lucky enough to have Rob Schneider. Not only was he incredibly funny, but Schneider can sing! Who knew!?! He sang a song while Sandler accompanied him on guitar and it gave my friend and me goosebumps. 

We know Sandler is a comedic genius, but he is also a master musician. He sang, played guitar and bass, as well as the harmonica. Accompanying Sandler was Dan Bulla on the keys; he even provided a finger driven “drum solo.” 

His off-the-wall stories and jokes are both fascinating and hilarious, and he had the audience in the palm of his hand the whole night. He delivered such a great balance of comedy and music that evoked a broad range of emotions. Most notably, his first encore song – which he wrote for and dedicated to Chris Farley – had the crowd in tears. Everyone took out their phones to shine their light while Sandler played a tribute to his late friend, who he said was the funniest man he’s ever known.

Sandler ended the show with his song “I Want to Grow Old With You,” which was dedicated to his wife who was in attendance. He played a poignant video of himself with his wife and daughters. You could feel the love and how they are his heart and his reason for being. 
It was so amazing to see the guy I used to watch every Saturday night on “SNL” back when there was the dream team of Sandler, Farley, Kevin Nealon, David Spade, and Dana Carvey. It was just a surreal moment in time for everyone at Yaamava’.

It was a pleasure experiencing taking in this show at the new Yaamava’ Theater in Highland; a beautiful casino with gorgeous holiday decor for the season. Definitely, a great place to take in a show.