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Invades SoCal in 2022

December 30, 2021 by Christina Sanchez
Happy New Year to me! One of my favorite bands, AFI (aka A Fire Inside), will be playing a few shows in SoCal in the new year, so buckle up!
Davey Havok (vocals), Adam Carson (drums), Jade Puget (guitar), and Hunter Burgan (bass) will kick off their tour with a sold-out show at the newly renovated SOMA in San Diego on February 11th. After criss-crossing the country, they will wrap things up in the Los Angeles area at the Hollywood Palladium on March 25th and 26th. They will be back to play the House of Blues, Anaheim in October.

The guys of AFI of celebrating 30 years together and through the decades, they have released some incredible songs: “Miss Murder,” “Love Like Winter,” “Silver and Cold,” “I Hope You Suffer,” “The Boy Who Destroyed the World,” and “Girl’s Not Grey” to name just a few.
In addition to the tour, they are requesting fans share their stories on the AFI site. As for me, I first discovered AFI in 2003, and when my dad passed away in 2004, their “Sing the Sorrow” record really helped me heal. It is human nature to seek comfort during trying times. For many, we turn to our sonic heroes to help us through this path in life. Havok’s intensely emotional and thoughtful lyrics were felt so deeply in my heart, as they are with so many of the band’s fans. Check out their site to read some of the amazing fan stories.


OCTOBER 25, 2022


MARCH 25th & 26th, 2022

The band style and genre of music has seemed to change with every record after their first three hardcore albums. But true fans of AFI seem to enjoy being on the creative and artistic journey with them and judging each record on its own merit. Their latest, “Bodies,” was completed in 2019 and due to be released in spring of 2020. With COVID, it got pushed back and finally made its way to our world this past June. AFI released several songs in 2021, but it was great to get the whole album into our hands!
Make your plans to see AFI in your city because I know you will love it!


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