The Seadogs of Pirate Metal

Come to Steal Your Rum & Loot Your Gold
April 14, 2023 by Chris Hazel
Shiver me timbers and batten down the hatches as the swashbuckling buccaneers known as Alestorm land in the United States of America, ready to plunder your town in May with support from their sea mates Gloryhammer and Lutharo.
Formed in 2004 in Scotland, Alestorm is a heavy metal group that describes themselves as a “drunken band of pirates on an epic quest to drink your beer, steal your rum, and be the greatest damn band that ever did sail the seven seas!” These scurvy seadogs blend Scottish saga folk music with power metal to create a party experience like no other. Their shows involve giant inflatable ducks and sing-along sea shanties about stealing ships, being three sheets to the wind, and pillaging for treasure.

Alestorm features founding member Christopher Bowes on lead vocals and keytar, bassist and backing vocals from Gareth Murdock, keyboardist Elliot Vernon, guitarist Máté Bodor, and drummer Peter Alcorn. With fan favorites like “Drink,” “Keelhauled,” and “Mexico” under their kilts, the band has proven that it can be cool to wear an eye patch and sing like a sea wolf at shows. These filibusters released their seventh studio album, “Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum,” in 2022 with the singles “Magellan’s Expedition,” “P.A.R.T.Y.” and “The Battle of Cape Fear River.”

Avast ye landlubbers! Joining these raiders on tour is the heroic symphonic English power metal unit Gloryhammer, founded by Alestorm’s very own mastermind Christopher Bowes, who plays keyboards and backing vocals. Gloryhammer has an epic tale of Scottish mythology alongside some Dungeons and Dragons wizards, warriors, and unicorns, as each member performs in costume to represent a character from the story’s concept. Introducing “Fly Away” to the world as the first single off of their new album, “Return to the Kingdom,” was just released this month.

Run a shot across the bow because accompanying these scallywags is the melodic power/death metal band Lutharo. Formed in Canada fresh out of high school in 2013 by guitarist Victor Bucur and front-woman Krista Shipperbottom, Lutharo “strives to sculpt an epic sound that sees aspects of power and death colliding, combining artfully crafted melodies, harmonies and precision with a hard-hitting power.” After their debut EP “Unleash” in 2018, and the EP “Wings of Agony” in 2020, Lutharo released their first full length album, “Hiraeth,” in 2021.
Grab a rubber ducky and get your Jolly Roger out, you sons of biscuit eaters, or get ready to walk the plank because Alestorm is coming from the “deepest darkest depths of the Caribbean” to take over with Gloryhammer and Lutharo. Dead men tell no tales! And if you want to escape the fate of Davey Jones’ Locker, make sure to catch this fun tour as it makes stops in San Diego on May 13th at The Observatory North Park, or in LA at The Wiltern on May 14th.



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