October 26, 2020 by Harriet Kaplan

It’s that time of the year… the time where we normally revel in being scared out of our minds by things that go bump in the night. That said, due to the pandemic, we’ve been forced to find ways to be safe and practice social distancing. This has crossed over to our entertainment industry as well. We have livestreams that we can view from the comfort of our homes. There are concerts at local venues, which can be a live show from a stage or a concert film that we watch in our vehicles. 
Halloween is here and there are many events taking place, but we still won’t be participating in the ways we always have come to enjoy (and take for granted!). Other than people choosing decorate their houses, trick or treating will look different this year, and may even be non-existent for some. 


Waiting for an invitation to arrive, Goin’ to a party where no one’s still alive.”


We do have an exciting and unique event to provide the requisite thrills and intrigue, and  maybe even a fright here and there.
Starting at dusk on Thursday, October 29th through sunset on Sunday, November 1st, the first-ever livestream event of The Infamous American Story Murder House will take place.

Considered a  history-based Los Angeles monument, the owners, Dr. Ernst Von Schwarz and his wife Angela Oakenfield, will open their house to the public.
Several cameras will be set up through the property as the otherworldly events unfold. The weekend events include a paranormal investigation, seance, exploration of the occult, a historical overview of Halloween and its traditions, and much more. 

Tickets are now available to view the livestream each of the three nights. Two ticket holders per night will be able to go down to the basement in person at The Murder House.
This experience is sure to simultaneously excite and send chills down the spines of all who attend The Infamous American Story Murder House. 


A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Baby2Baby charity
There’s also commemorative t-shirt which you can proudly wear and say to your friends, “Hey, I was there and I had the time of my life and I had quite a scare!”