SKAROUND The World # 21

Andy B & The World

February 2, 2021 by Josh Coutts

As we continue to spread the ska and punk love through our SKAROUND The World series, this time we go across the pond to London, England. There we find another fantastic “band” that I think you will enjoy! This time, it’s Andy B and The World.
This is absolutely huge: a 172-musician, worldwide collaboration. I repeat, 172 musicians. Worldwide. Damn, that’s epic! The album is called “The First One,” and it’s definitely ear churning.

Guitarist Andy B. wanted to raise money for a couple charities and there’s no better way to do that than putting out a great album with 172 of your best friends. Truthfully, he had some great songs ready to go and an idea. His experience with Household Ska Collective was only part of the bigger picture. Andy was able to get his pals to pitch in and created the 14 track album that benefited “Centrepoint” and “Music For All” charities.
Circling back to the beginning, the album began when UK producer/musician Andy B started traveling the world with recording equipment and the aforementioned songs. Despite the obstacles (like a pandemic that canceled in person events), the project was able to be completed remotely.
There’s such a great mix of bands that contributed to this album. The range of artist was wide, there are musicians who are just starting out on their journey that share the limelight with legends of the genre.
Contributors include members of Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, The Slackers, RX Bandits, Bite Me Bambi, Suburban Legends, Ten Foot Pole, Bracket, Hayseed Dixie, Call Me Malcolm, Zebrahead, Death By Stereo, [Spunge], Random Hand, The JB Conspiracy, MC Lars, Captain Accident, The Resignators, Kye Smith, Backyard Superheroes, Housebound Ska Collective, The NPCs, Tef London, Rundown Kreeps, Codename Colin, The Hostiles, Los Skagaleros, The Main Street Sweep, Monkey… and the list goes on! Damn, how can you get bigger?

As if 172 artists wasn’t enough, Andy said the next project is going to be even bigger! What the heck does that all mean? Well, I guess we’ll have to be patient, but we have this album to keep us satisfied until then.  

The album is out now and the goal is to show the world something awesome. I’d say they succeeded! I can’t wait to see the next project and the many tunes to come! Andy B and The World should be something you all should check out!



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