The AQUABATS! Go LIVE with Kooky Spooky

Celebrating Halloween Digitally
October 19, 2020 by Adrian Gonzalez

This year, Halloween is unlike any Halloween any of us have seen in our lifetimes. The events we have grown to expect and participate in leading up to and on Halloween are limited or, more likely, non-existent this year.
Parties filled with our closest friends and families dressed in their brilliant, funny and down-right ridiculous costumes are on hold.
The idea of a giant concert packed with music lovers and Halloween enthusiasts is almost unimaginable during this pandemic. Halloween is so limited this year, some cities will have quiet neighborhoods with trick-or-treating being shut down. However, there are heroes who have come to bring us some Halloween normalcy.
This year, The Aquabats! will be celebrating the festivities with their new album digitally and online.

The Aquabats! have become one of those bands that we expect to have a presence during the spooky season. Previously, bands like Oingo Boingo and Devo have graced us with concerts, costumes, and the soundtracks to Halloween.
Now, mixed in with the Energy Domes and Elfman-esque suspenders and eyeliner, you see bright blue Rashguards and Anti-Negativity Helmets and Goggles. If that isn’t enough to start including The Aquabats into your scary repertoire, The Bats have released a new album: “Kooky Spooky.”

The August release is filled with everything you’ve come to love from The Aquabats; silly lyrics and adventurous songs layered over great music. The tracks “ Skeleton Inside!” and “Aliens and Monsters!” are ending up on holiday playlist and will become staples to the season like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me.” The rest of the album is catchy and in all honesty, I have been playing it on repeat since it arrived.

Fans and Cadets of The Aquabats! have been chomping at the bit to see the band perform these songs live and enjoy what visuals they will have projected behind them. With the current COVID restrictions, that has obviously become a “later” instead of “sooner” situation.
The Aquabats’s solution is an October 30th online event dubbed “Kooky Spooky! Halloween Party.” The event will include live performances and prerecorded segments showcasing the energy and silliness we have come to love from Orange County’s favorite superheroes. The hour-long event will stream from what The Bats have dubbed a “Secret Bunker.”

The bats promise there will be “unexpected surprises and chaos” adding, “It will be a blast!” The event will be live and then available for re-watch through November 1st. Tickets will range between $20 through $90 with options for VIP and limited edition merch.
This event might be just what we need to bring us some joy in our limited Halloween season!




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