Rachael-O-Rama #20

Authority Zero plays The Back Nine

April 30, 2021 by Rachael Contreras
The big two-zero for the Rachael-O-Rama series brings us the announcement of new music from a beloved band, Authority Zero and an interview from its equally beloved singer, Jason Devore!
We spoke with Jason last fall for Rachael-O-Rama #4 when Authority Zero just started to tease this album by using the hashtag “#NEWAUTHORITYZEROALBUM2021”.  We know you’ve since been seeing their Instagram posts of flamingos and guys playing golf in an apocalyptic setting wearing 1920’s garb and full gas masks so let’s cut right to the chase and get you in on the need-to-know info!
Authority Zero’s five-track EP called, “The Back Nine” is available everywhere TODAY, but here’s something fun they didn’t tell you: there will be at least two hidden tracks… guest featuring some radical rockers…. Okay we are busting at the seams to tell you one of them, it’s Pennywise front man Jim Lindberg! Phew, that was a doozy to hold in for the last two paragraphs!  Now that you know that, you will be even more enthused to find out that this particular song is going to have more intensity given Jim’s and Jason’s combined voices. 
News: Authority Zero Announce New EP 'The Back Nine'
But we won’t tell you anymore, we’ll let Jason explain it in his own words from our interview.  The Authority Zero front man told us, “There are still more surprises to come on top of what we have released on social media (then he evil laughed which made us feel like when you get a gift and you know something is going to pop out and surprise you but you know it’s going to be great so you just keep going) but we can tell you we will also have a member from the Japanese rock band, Hey Smith as another guest on a song.  This EP is like a roller coaster.  We always like to do a kind of ‘roller coaster’ type of thing and I think this is going to be the same type of program as before in that regard, but also very different.”
For the song featuring Jim Lindberg, Pennywise fans will be happy to hear Jason explain, “It’d be cool to throw in a complete left hook (and do an easy-going song) but we thought that it should be proper and come out really intense for the kids that enjoy the Pennywise sound as well as what we’ve done since we have a lot of veins from being influenced by Pennywise as well.”
As far as the fun flamingo and pink art that the guys have been posting recently, that’s all influenced by their cover art.  Jason told us, “The artwork we’ve been posting is snippets of the cover art for the EP.  The flamingo presence is to lighten people up… it’s to make people go, ‘What the hell is that for?!’ -like it doesn’t make sense but it does because it will loosen people up and add some comedy in the seriousness in what has been going on in the world.  Plus, if you think about flamingos, they always stand on one leg and that’s pretty good balance.  They spend their time with one leg up and one leg down, kind of like what we all have been doing lately… and what’s weird is that I’ve been seeing flamingo print or the flamingo pink color everywhere now lately… even the cup I’m drinking out of right now is pink!  Watch, you’ll see it everywhere now, too!”
We always love talking with Jason because he is SUCH a cool cat but he is also the nicest guy and always thinking of others.  When we asked him what the band is looking forward to in the upcoming months seeing as how COVID looks like it’s just starting to let loose its grip on society here in the U.S., he told us, “First and foremost we are looking forward to everyone to be healthy and happy and just be comfortable around each other.  Our track “Olly Olly Oxen Free” is a song about the idea of ‘come out, come out wherever you are’ because people have been so entrapped in their own minds and as far as families go, they haven’t been able to physically embrace each other and we’ve seen the separation of families throughout this entire thing.  It’s really just hoping we can come out of this sooner than later and grasp the fantasticness of each other again.  That’s what a lot of this album is about.  Then we are looking forward to playing as many shows as possible.  I can only take so much acoustic guitar in my office live streams.  I’m ready to sweat with some people again!”
Authority Zero will be playing at the Marquee Theater on June 18th in Arizona but they will be shredding the stage at Punk in the Park in November here in the OC!
Punk Festival | Punk In The Park | United States
Authority Zero continues to be a thriving lightning bolt to alternative music today and we can’t wait to get our hands on the new 5+ track EP and see them live as soon as possible!


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