Big D and the Kids Table Shines On with New Fan-Based Video
May 1, 2020 by Jimmy Alvarez

I don’t know about you, but I think we have always said if we had the time we’d do this or that. In 2020, we’ve had nothing but time. Depending on where you live, most of us have to stay at home. If it wasn’t for NetFlix, e-sports or our favorite bands, we’d most likely be losing our minds. In this very weird time, we can rely on the bands that have always been good to their fans. One of those bands that continues to rise to the occasion calls Boston home. These sonic heroes are a ska-punk band called Big D and the Kids Table.
Big D is led by a dynamic front-man in David McWane.  Like the rest of the band, Dave is a Massachusetts native and in addition to Big D, he’s worked on several musical projects. Other fan favorites like Drexel, The Doped-Up Dollies and Cuidado. He’s also a very accomplished author with several successful books penned under his name.

Photo by Frank Schemmann
Given the time he has off from touring and other band related functions, you’d think has lots to concentrate on, Well he does, but he hasn’t forgotten what’s gotten him to be one of the most respected and heralded lead singers in the ska-punk genre; their fans!


Being Warped Tour Veterans, McWane and his bandmates have long been considered one of the favorites by Organizer Kevin Lyman. In an an interview Lyman said;
I’m not surprised at all with this band’s longevity and the loyalty from their fans. David and the guys are as entertaining and genuine as it gets.”
Photo by Frank Schemmann
Big D is best known for songs like “Shining On,” “LAX,” “Noise Complaint,” “51 Gardner,” “Can’t Get Caught,” “Fatman,” “Can’t Be Caught,” “Not Fucking Around,” “The Difference,” “How It Goes,” “Fluent in Stroll,” “You Lost You’re Crazy” and “Better Off Insane.” Then there’s their uber-hit; their cover of the Specials “Little Bitch!” Not only is this a great live song; but, their array of live venue videos are legendary.

Every so often, depending on where Big D is playing, they do a new Little Bitch video. They’ve done videos everywhere on the planet including China, Japan and with GWAR.
The video includes members of the band. crew members, members of others bands playing that specific gig and others at the venue, which often including fans. It’s this type interaction that makes Big D so beloved by everyone who comes in contact with them.
Shining On from the album, Strictly Rude

Back in the day, songs like L.A.X. brought Big D critical acclaim for their sonic vision that transcended ska-punk to a more elevated level (for the time period).

L.A.X. gave punk bands that just happened to love ska the inspiration to come out and try the genre.

L.A.X. from the album, How It Goes
As for what was going on with Big D prior to the Zombie apocalypse, the Music Gods were smiling upon them. They were getting great traction from their last single, Oi DJ. The video was put together by Shannon’s ICW production company. The single features Maddie Ruthless of the Far East, and the Doped-Up Dollies.
Oi DJ has been played by genre friendly radio stations, online streamers and even some of the heavyweights started to put their arms around the single, then as 2020 was set to be a banner year, Covid-19 hit the world. The band was literally in the middle of recording a new album when they had to put their recording sessions on hold. Per McWane, they will go back to finish the album as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

To Check out The Big D Bandcamp Site

Oi DJ ! | Single

Circling back to Big D, anyone who’s ever gone to their shows can attest that their fans always gets their monies worth. Not only are they entertained, but the band and especially McWane make it a point to engage with their fans, before and after each show.

Despite what’s going on in the world, the entire band has taken their onstage persona back home with them.

As a result of the ongoing events that monopolize the news and social media, McWane decided to make a little news of his own. He teamed up with fellow musician Craig Shannon who’s in a band called “Circus Battalion.” Shannon is also a Filmmaker and Editor who runs a production company called Imagivision Creative Works [“ICW”|; his firm focuses on music video and documentary production.
In the end, the duo teamed up on an idea . Since everyone is locked in, they wanted to do what they do best; make people smile. The best way to do that is to give the people what they want. You don’t have to go very far to figure that one out.
You see, David has told me in the past that one of the things that fans ask is how they can be in a Little Bitch video.  With that consideration as the backdrop, the two got to thinking, and before you knew it the call went out. It was like a big Bat Light in the sky; it was a shout out to all Big D Fans. The message was seen and the ball started rolling.
The response was simply insane. The two received a cartoon-crazy amount of video clips from everywhere and everyone you can imagine. The video clips came from fans, kids, other bands and industry people.
In true Big D style, McWane was ready to go all out and got with Shannon to work on the project. Knowing how much music means to their fans, they wanted to do right by them. Needless to say, they burned the midnight oil and as a result… their fans will be very-very happy with their latest effort.
Earlier today, they posted the latest version of Little Bitch by Big D and the Kids Table.  


Produced by Imagivision Creative Works

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