A New Album and Some Holiday Cheer

Bite Me Bambi Provides an Endless Serving of Fun
December 21, 2020 by Adrian Gonzalez
It’s been almost two and a half years since Bite Me Bambi had their debut performance at the Garden Amphitheater. Since then they have become a noticeable juggernaut in the modern ska scene.
Before one note was played, this 3rd wave ska super group had an incredible buzz. However, like a lot of bands the COVID shut downs have had adverse impact on the entire music world, and Orange County’s next big hit, Bite Me Bambi.

Rather than sit and wait for COVID to kill their momentum BMB has released singles, YouTube performances, and they’ve been very active with a new weekly Twitch-cast showing that they will do what it takes to develop as a group and continue to entertain their fans.
The band takes fan suggestions to a new level as they periodically put out covers of some of our favorites songs of all time, such as…
Not only has their hard work paid off, it’s made an impression on the music scene. They were featured on Supernova Ska with Coolie Ranx, they’ve also made regular appearances locally on TNN RADIO and Ska Parade.
Then, they went orbital with their hit single “Hot Lava,” as it was featured on KROQ’s “Locals Only.”

On December 15th BMB released their new EP “Hurry Up and Wait.”
The album takes a fun approach towards subjects ranging from Stalkers, Murder, and even Strippers.
Their 6-song freshman album was carefully crafted with attention to details on lyrics, and music composition that will challenge any newer album from already longer established bands.
“Hurry Up and Wait” is prefect for a living room dance session, or sing-along while speeding down the freeway.
Each song stands on its own as a good song, but also flows well from first track to last. The album delivers on a dynamic and entertaining sonic experience. 


1. Hot Lava
2. Strippers on a Sunday
3. This Love is Dead
4. Crazy
5. I Don’t Wanna Be
6. Carried Away
When you hear Brian Mashburn and Tahlena Chikami talk about lyrics you get the sense that they really had a fun time challenging each-other to come up with lyrics that not only flow well, but they’re also telling a great story that can even be funny. 
Right now the album is only available on digital platforms, however, in a twitch cast Mashburn and Chikami have hinted towards an eventual release of a limited edition vinyl version.
Let’s cross our fingers that life gets back to normal in 2021. Bite Me Bambi is literally a band that you need to see live to appreciate what all the fuss has been all about. Trust me, they’re fun, entertaining but most of all… they put out great music!




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