July 6, 2022 by Rachael Contreras
For Halloween 2022, The Observatory in Santa Ana is going all out with legendary punk bands Black Flag and Total Chaos.
Black Flag’s well-known punk songs “Rise Above,” “Nervous Breakdown,” “Six Pack,” and “TV Party,” will be played in full surround sound headed by the sweet vocal lead of accomplished skateboarding extraordinaire, Mike Vallely. Vallely started singing with Black Flag back in 2003, and hasn’t looked back since.
Of course, also onstage will be founding member of Black Flag and SST Records (Black Flag’s label), guitarist Greg Ginn.
Ginn founded Black Flag in 1976 in Hermosa Beach, and is the band’s primary songwriter. He has kept the Black Flag wheels greased in some capacity for almost 50 years!
The last time we saw Black Flag play in Orange County was February of 2020 (you can look up our review from that show using the search bar below), so we are long overdue for the sweet sounds of these essential punk tracks.
Supporting Black Flag is Total Chaos. This band is well-known for their old school raw sound, and their punk-rock style complete with leather, chains, spikes, and mohawks. Their fans also take part in the look; you can tell you walked into a Total Chaos show just by looking at the crowd.
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Santa Ana, California

October 31, 2022

Hailing from Pomona, Total Chaos has been putting the punk in “Gutter Punk” since 1989 in all the best ways. With their hits “Riot City,” “Babylon,” and “Kill the Nazis,” this Halloween mosh pit will likely call all the top thrashers to the floor and create one interesting show.
Black Flag kicks off their fall tour at the San Diego House of Blues on October 28th, the Majestic Theater in Ventura on October 29th, Regent Theater October30th, and The Observatory on October 31st.
After this run of shows, they will move on to their So-Cal Punk Invasion Tour for the rest of November with supporting bands T.S.O.L., The Dickies, and Total Chaos.
After spending 2022 rocking North America, they will head to Europe in February 2023.


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