April 20, 2020 by Jenni Lynne

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of any better way to spend 4/20 than with The Marley Family as they continue to celebrate what would have been Bob Marley, the Legend of Reggae’s, 75th birthday.
Bob Marley – Legacy: Women Rising is the second episode released in the YouTube docu-series. Bob Marley – Legacy is a docu-series released by the family to celebrate the legends’ birthday. This episode features candid interviews with the matriarch of the family, Rita Marley, Marica Griffiths, and Judy Mowatt of the I-Threes.

Rita was a core part of the growth of Bob and the Wailers, managing his tours. She was a member of the historic group the I-Threes who backed Bob after the break up of the Wailers. The matriarch is also a mother to a few of his children. In this interview, Rita shares about Bob courting her, their open marriage, and how she “…became his guardian angel,” on tour. She also speaks of the attempt on their lives at Hope Road.
Marcia Griffiths, shares how the I-Three came to be and their first tour with Bob Marley. Judy Mowatt, also of the I-Threes, talks of how Bob was loved by the people and how they gravitated to him.

“Bob was the voice of the people” Marcia Griffiths

Granddaughters, Mystic Marley, and Donisha Prendergrast also share how his songs are still relevant today and the message behind the song “No Woman, No Cry.”
Ziggy Marley, Bob’s oldest son, chats with Susan Markheim, former Island Records employee, about Bob’s legacy and his effects his music and messages have on society today. He also sits down with Kim Gottlieb-Walker to reminisce about the first time she was called to photograph Bob Marley in 1975. She shares how she snapped his photos and how excited she was to help spread his message

Former councilor and activist Seyi Akiwowo, Stella Dadzie, writers Isis Semah-Hall Stella Dadzie also share with viewers how Bob’s messages encouraged them to become powerful and compassionate women they are today.
Throughout the year, the Marley Family has plans to continue celebrating the legend by sharing with devoted fans, unseen live footage, and never before heard recordings; as well as special live events, continuing to share with the world the immortal messages of a wise man to a world very much in need. 
There’s also a can’t pass up an opportunity for a 4/20 bonus, thanks to the Marley Family. The launch of “KAYA Radio” on YouTube, which will be live streaming all of your favorite Bob Marley songs, as well as concert footage of him and his family.
Continuing the tributes to what would have been the legends 75th birthday, new videos will be released containing 14 all-new videos created from Marley’s greatest hits. Three have already premiered; “Redemption Song,” “Easy Skanking,” and “Three Little Birds.”

Bob Marley – Legacy: Women Rising is a fantastic video that spotlights the spectacular women in Bob’s life and how his messages encouraged them then and now.
Stay tuned for my review of Episode Three when it’s released! And, be sure to get your 75th Celebration merchandise.


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