May 3, 2020 by Jenni Lynne

Bob Marley | LEGACY: Righteousness
Just when my Corona-cation good vibes were starting to waiver, the Marley family swooped in and saved the day by dropping another brilliant episode of the YouTube docu-series Bob Marley: Legacy! Carrying on the year-long celebration of what would have been the King of Reggae’s 75th birthday, the family continues to release 20-minute intimate looks into the life and times of the Legend.

Ziggy Marley and big Sister Cedella

Beautifully produced in part by son Ziggy Marley and daughter Cedella; the first episode, Bob Marley – LEGACY: 75 Years A Legend, focused on Bob’s journey in Jamaica and the power of his influence. A powerful Episode two, Bob Marley – LEGACY: Women Rising, focuses on how Bob empowered the women in his life and their continued successes.
You see men sailing on their ego trips, blast off on their spaceships, million miles from reality, no care for you, no care for me… so much trouble in the world.”
Bob Marley: So Much Trouble in the World

In the third installment of the YouTube docu-series Bob Marley – LEGACY: Righteousness, we are taken on a beautiful tour of the lush green countryside of Jamaica. We also explore the culture, Rastafarianism, and how Bob’s universal message of optimism, unification, and human fortitude was such a powerful message then. And, how it is still so ever relevant today.

Legacy: Righteousness | Episode # 3

Marley had strong spiritual and political beliefs and a clear vision that he expressed so directly, eloquently, and passionately through his music. Supporting Bob’s love of nature, we are also shown the gorgeous eco-village LifeYard Rest and School of Vision. Tashia Williams, of the School of Vision, speaks of how Bob’s message transcends generations. Reggae legend, Ras Michael, dub poet Ras Shaddi, musicians Ricky Chaplin and Carlton Davis, Buju Banton, and sons Julian, Rohan & Ky-mani as well as Marcia Griffiths and more share stories of their experiences with Bob.

Buju Banton

The music have to reflect not only the social-political issues of the time but the condition of the masses.”
The Marely75 foundation has also recently joined forces with Greta Thunberg’s worldwide drive #FridaysForFuture. The purpose is to further inspire and educate devoted fans as well as encourage them to take a stance against climate change. To spark others’ interest in joining the cause, each Friday, a new song will be released across all social media platforms.

Not only has the family shown love to Bob’s fans by releasing these moments of rare footage and new music videos, but there is also an amazing new line of Marley75 merchandise. Be sure to also check out the release of the EP, “Iron, Lion, Zion,” as well as the #BobMarley75 playlist on your favorite streaming platform.

Don’t miss out on your official Bob Marley, “Don’t Worry About a Thing” face cloth covering, with proceeds going to charity! 

If you’re interested in learning more about the Legend, his family, and life work, be sure to check out my ongoing series titled The Lynn Chronicles here at OC Music News!


How many years must some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free