LIVE at Yaamava’ Theater
January 3, 2023 by Christina Sanchez
The all new Yaamava’ Resort & Casino has been hosting some incredible concerts and earning a reputation for having excellent sound, being a beautiful venue, and winning fans in multiple entertainment genres. From Duran Duran to Adam Sandler, Yaamava’ has been putting on some awesome events!

I was excited to visit Yaamava’ again and to see the alt rockers Bush. Formed in England in the ‘90s, the Gavin Rossdale fronted band now consists of Chris Traynor on guitar, Corey Britz on bass, drummer Nik Hughes, and Rossdale handles vocals and guitar. The band just wrapped a successful fall tour with Alice in Chains and Breaking Benjamin, but now they are rocking their own headlining tour.
Their fans came from near and far and were every age imaginable. This was definitely a pilgrimage for many.

Bush released their album “The Art of Survival” in October, so I was expecting to hear some new tracks – for instance “More Than Machines” and “Heavy Is the Ocean” – in addition to the songs that made them an “it” band in the ‘90s.
The sound was perfect – crisp and clear. The lighting was gorgeous, and each member of the band was well lit. There was no opening act needed on this night; Bush was prepared to keep us entertained the entire evening.

Right off the bat, Rossdale was reaching down to the crowd and interacting with fans. He did his usual run through the GA area, and then up through the second tier balcony section. I received a Rossdale high five and my 16-year-old self was very happy.
Bush played the hits we know and love: “Machinehead,” “The Chemicals Between Us,” “Everything Zen,” “Swallowed,” and during their encore, a trifecta of awesome with “Little Things,” “Glycerine,” and “Comedown.” During “Comedown,” Rossdale stopped singing so the crowd could take over the chorus instead. It was a lovely moment.

Rossdale remains a fantastic front-man. He was running from one side of the stage to the other and dancing nonstop – I was tired just watching him! The entire band seemed to be having a blast playing and sounded phenomenal. The crowd sang along and there was a lot of dancing in the aisles. It was an all-around solid show.

Bush continues on their North American tour through February, so if they are near you, make sure to check them out!


by Tiny Toyland



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