FEBRUARY 5, 2020 | By Tommy Johnson

February 12th looks to be a good night for music in Long Beach. It’ll be a good night to be in the neighborhood because post-rockers Caspian leave the confines of Massachusetts to play a gig at the Art Theatre of Long Beach.
Inasmuch as they’ve been around since 2004’ish, and they’ve built a nice following, the guys say of their new full-length album, “we’re wide awake now.” Lead singer Philip Jamieson recently said that “I view us as storytellers and musicians equally.” That’s a bold and a refreshing statement to make given the new age of social media, and how much critics “love” pop songs that rely on anything but lyrics and being good musicians. So refershing is a good word to describe CASPAIN.
About their music, he goes on to say “It is trying to convey a story through song structure, use of melody, and dynamics that has been the driving motivation from day one for this band.” That formula has worked well for them and paid dividends.

Fan favorite Flowers of Light

He went on to say as much as grief wishes to be private, the passing of bassist Chris Friedrich left an indelible mark on the band, and it’s impossible not to see stark traces of this tragedy across the album. The whole of the record transcends their personal grief, but as Jamieson says, “It is and always will be, now, an underlying core to everything the band creates.” The band is forever marked by loss, but not defined by it.
The new album On Circles is getting very good reviews. Their fans from coast-to-coast are very happy with the new tunes, Circles on Circles is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

Circles on Circles by CASPIAN


So what do you need to know about this gig? It’s at The Art Theatre of Long Beach, doors are at 7pm. Openers are The Velvet Teen, tickets are $ 17 advance and $ 20 at the door. The Art Theatre is located at 225 E. 4th St., Long Beach, CA 90814.


Catch CASPIAN at The Art Theatre of Long Beach
February 12, 2020