Touring with Quicksand & Helmet
June 22, 2022 by Christina Sanchez
Are you ready to see three incredible bands in one night? Well, you’ll have your chance on October 5th when Clutch comes to The Regent Theatre in Los Angeles and brings Quicksand and Helmet along for the show. All three heavy hard-rocking bands are solid in their own right, and each is worthy of a headlining spot.
Maryland’s Clutch has released 12 studio albums and is best known for their hits “The Mob Goes Wild,” “The Regulator,” “Spacegrass,” and “Electric Worry.” With Neil Fallon on vocals and guitar, Tim Sult on guitar, Dan Maines on bass, and Jean-Paul Gaster on drums, Clutch puts on a good-old-fashioned rock show. Earlier this week, they dropped “We Strive For Excellence,” a new single from their upcoming album.
Quicksand launched in New York City and the post-hardcore band has had some breaks, but they are back! They released “Distant Populations” last year with the singles “Inversion” and “Missile Command.” Of course, old school fans will likely remember “Fazer,” “Thorn In My Side,” “Lightning Field,” and “Cosmonauts.” It will be nice to see Walter Schreifels, Alan Cage, Stephen Brodsky, and Sergio Vega on the stage again.


Los Angeles, California

October 5, 2022

As for Helmet, any true fan of alternative metal will know “Unsung.” Another New York City band, they had to postpone some recent dates due to founding member Page Hamilton testing positive for COVID. The current roster includes Kyle Stevenson, Dan Beeman, and Dave Case, and Helmet’s legacy is solidified by the millions of albums sold, include their breakout, “Meantime.” Fans will likely hear favorites like “Crashing Foreign Cars,” “Just Another Victim,” “In the Meantime,” and “Like I Care.”
Clutch, Quicksand, and Helmet have all been going strong since the ‘90s and still have loyal fans to this day. Their North American tour will kick off in September and run through October, so get your tickets now!



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