Conspiracy Theory

April 1, 2020 by Greg Friedman

I’ve heard a lot of conspiracy theories bouncing around regarding the craziness that we are living. All but this one I came up with have had malicious overtones talking about how the big bad, evil puppet masters behind the curtain have created this virus as a bio-weapon in order to take control of us or restructure worldwide finances and/or the geopolitical landscape. 
If you look at the psychology used on us every single day in order to induce us into buying their products it isn’t as far-fetched as I wish it were. Our entire worldwide system is built on economics. And that economic system is based on instilling a feeling of lack so that we cannot recognize ourselves as pretty, healthy, wise or wonderful without said product. Billions of dollars have been invested into controlling our psychology to the benefit of corporations. So, it’s not a huge leap to believe that there are people who are willing to take those same psychological principles and apply them in order to control the masses.

Every single animal on this planet has a built in fight or flight response system. Our survival mechanism is designed help us live by having us revert to one of those two options in extreme situations.
Think about it for a second. If tanks were to come rolling down the street our human psyche would inspire us to band together in opposition. However, if we have an unseen, unnamed enemy, a ghost, a specter, a virus comes rolling down the street our flight reaction is activated.
It may seem like I am making a case for some Machiavellian conspiracy but I’m not.  I’m simply illustrating how we are already being manipulated by people and corporations for specific purposes.

What if there really was a group of puppet masters behind the curtains manipulating us to do our will? But, what if it weren’t for malevolent purposes?
What if those powers that be recognized that, we were too stuck to get out of our own way.  And like a parent decided to send us all to our room so the mess we created could be cleaned up.
Let’s say it’s not even people or corporations doing this, let’s say it’s a Universal energy or God energy behind this.  Regardless of anything or anybody that we feel is behind this, it’s an opportunity. What if this isn’t a curse but instead an opportunity? Or, both a curse and an opportunity. I’ve never seen any event without a blessing in it.  Look at it this way; this is the first time ever in the world I can remember where we are united as one people, one tribe. That’s a beautiful thing and after this dust settles down and this whole terror dies out if we can remember we are one people, one world, one love, we’ll have had been changed forevermore.
This is not only an opportunity to shift humans towards one another. Another effect of this insanity is the positive contribution to the planet it has had. For a long time we have ignored warning after warning about what we are doing to this planet.

We don’t need to save the Earth; the Earth will take care of itself.  However, if we don’t take care of the Earth, within a very short while, life on this planet will not be habitable for humans. In the Matrix Agent Smith says humans are the virus on the planet. We voraciously consume; taking and destroying.

During this period, as horrible as it is, and it’s absolutely horrific, they have seen blue skies in China for the first time in recent history and dolphins swimming in the canals of Venice, Italy.  What if a byproduct of all of this insanity is the planet healing?
What if this is an opportunity for humans and the planet to heal together. We can choose to embrace this as an opportunity so that when all is said and done we still reach across and connect with ourselves, each other and the planet with passion, consideration and kindness.
Conspiracy or not, Ethereal force or not, the bottom line is the planet and its inhabitants are healing even in the midst of this pandemic. General George Santayana said, “Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it”. It’s not enough to remember, I’m asking for you to remember and choose. Choose One World, One Love.

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