Walk Around The Moon

February 25,2023 by Nancy Evans
Funny how things change; just a few months ago we weren’t quite sure what 2023 had in store for the Dave Matthews Band. Now we do, and to their fans’ delight, it’s a lot!
In a recent announcement, we learned they have a new album, “Walk Around the Moon,” due out May 19th. It is their 10th studio album and already causing a buzz with the band’s fans worldwide.

DAVE MATTHEWS BAND LIVE | Photo by Tiny Toyland
Like many great artists, they relay the thoughts, feelings and emotions their fans are experiencing; this album is no different. It was developed during the pandemic and it is heartfelt and honest. In a statement from the band describing the album, the band said, “This is as much a reflection on the current times as it is an urge to find common ground.”

DMB fans are already digging the first single, “Madman’s Eyes.”

The new music blends Middle Eastern elements with distinct DMB horns and strings. It is a sonic shift that is opening eyes and soothing ears worldwide.
With new music in tow, DMB is ready to hit the road hard. The band lands in Southern California on (August 24th) when they play Yaamava’ Theater in Highland. Then they slide on down to the OC where they will play two dates (August 25th and 26th) at FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine.

Their fans can’t wait to hear the hits, “Crash Into Me,” “Ants Marching,” “The Space Between,” “Where Are You Going,” “41,” and “Satellite” among so many other great songs that have defined an era.

You can catch them at the Innings Festival in March and a few other stops before they land in SoCal. Until then, get your ear candy fix and get your tickets for this leg of the tour.



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