Death By Stereo Goes LIVE

August 4, 2020 by Rachael Contreras
Tonight, at 5 PM PST Death By Stereo will be doing a LIVE webcast show for the release of their long-awaited new 10 track album We’re All Dying Just In Time.
You can purchase a ticket for tonight’s live stream and watch it in any time zone at any time for a week with your ticket purchase. This is a full production live show where they will be playing songs off the new album as well as songs from every album in their 21-year history.
Death By Stereo has been teasing images on their Instagram and FaceBook page of their band practice (DBS has long joked that “practice is for pussies” so if they are practicing, you know this will be an epic show) and stage area, all which looks spectacular.

We’ve been teased with 3 singles off this new album over the last few months; “We Sing, They Die,” “Free Gun with Purchase,” and the newest, “California Addiction.”
All three can be found on music streaming platforms and all three have been tantalizing our taste buds for more screaming, political yet heartfelt lines that seem to hit home for the listener.  This is nothing new to the seasoned song writers/performers that have been captivating us since 1999.
So far, one of my favorite tracks is I Sing for You (part deux) and its homage line to Black Flag (see if you can find it). 
It’s very similar to the beloved original I Sing for You off the 2009 album Death is My Only Friend but with updated lyrics which sounds, and I can’t stress this enough, fucking amazing!

With the extreme concert deprivation that we’ve all been suffering from during this pandemic, and knowing with how Death By Stereo always tears the stage up, this is definitely a show you won’t want to miss. 

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