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August 2, 2022 by Kevin Gomez
For the past four decades, Descendents have reigned as some of the original pioneers of Southern California punk music.

They officially formed in a wave of punk rock that put Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach on the map, which also saw the likes of Black Flag, Pennywise, and the Circle Jerks. The band has undergone several hiatuses, breakups, and lineup changes over the years.
However, since returning in 2010 with their most recognized lineup of vocalist Milo Aukerman, guitarist Stephen Egerton, bassist Karl Alvarez, and Bill Stevenson on drums, they have been back to releasing music and playing regularly.
Their latest release of new, original music was the highly acclaimed “Hypercaffium Spazzinate” in 2016. But just last year, the band released “9th & Walnut,” a project originally recorded with former guitarist Frank Navetta, and former bassist Tony Lombardo.
Descendents are one of those rare bands that is revered and admired almost unanimously in the punk community, a scene that is often known for infighting and disagreements about what is “punk.” Among punk critics, “pop punk” carries with it several negative connotations, yet Aukerman himself has claimed that the band pretty much invented the subgenre.
In a scene where claims of “sell-out” and not being punk are hastily thrown around Descendents seem to remain everyone’s favorite punk band and immune to criticism. They continue to be hailed as one of the best live acts around nearly 45 years later.
Two months ago when the band announced a nationwide tour on social media, fans in the band’s hometown noticed a lack of Southern California dates. One could not help but feel slighted that the band was skipping their very origins as people were anxious to catch any opportunity to see the band play live. The first half of the tour beginning in September was to cover the Midwest and East Coast, supported by hardcore legends, H2O, and Brooklyn punk band Surfbort. The rest of the tour concluding in November was to be supported by Bully from Nashville.
However, fret not; the band took to social media Monday morning to announce they would be playing not one, but two highly-anticipated shows at the Glasshouse in Pomona, November 19th and 20th. The Glasshouse has been getting some amazing punk shows this year having already hosted the Circle Jerks and Bouncing Souls in May; a rare Propagandhi show scheduled for September; and a celebration of 30 years of Lagwagon, with Strung Out in October.
Descendents are currently playing shows in Europe, including a set at Punk Rock Holiday. They will be joined by Bully at the Glasshouse, the solo alternative punk project of guitarist/singer Alicia Bognanno. She is currently touring off the release of her third album, 2020’s “Sugaregg.”

Tickets for the pair of Glasshouse shows go on sale this Friday. Be sure not to sleep on these, as any Descendents show is sure to sell out quickly, particularly in a smaller venue like the Glasshouse. Add to that these two shows are currently the only California dates on their tour, with the next closest stop being in Phoenix. Unless they have some more shows to announce, which looks unlikely, this may be your only chance to see them for some time.


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