Devil Season Releases Black Madonna

May 25, 2020 by Harriet Kaplan

They’re live, they’re local and they’re electrifying us from Long Beach, California… they’re Devil Season!
Like English Alt Rock Band Royal Blood and American juggernauts Twenty One Pilots, this dynamic duo comes out strong with the latest release Black Madonna.
Lead Singer | Nate Jackson
Photo by Bridget Arias
The band was originally a 4 piece, but like everything in life, things change. The band evolved into the new rage dynamic of a duo that can bring it.
Here’s the thing about Devil Season, when trying to define any boundary breaking band, it’s easy to get writer’s block. They’re a bit of hip-hop, alt rock, dub and indie rock all rolled into one.
Drummer and Keyboardist | Ricky Atallah
Photo by Bridget Arias
Bottom line, their new EP, Black Madonna, is eclectic, adventurous and accessible.
Comprised of varied six tracks, there’s a bit of something different for a lot of musical tastes in various genres from hip-hop, R&B, indie rock, electronic sounds to dub. The production is clean, crisp and uncluttered.


In an interview with TNN RADIO, lead singer Nate Jackson said “We like lots of musical styles, we like our music to have a good feel and it needs to make you move… it can be a like hip-hop, funk or R&B and even some punk.”
The instrumentation is sparse, but full in scope, with all kinds of vibrant dynamics, rhythms and textures going on featuring the duo of frontman singer / songwriter/bassist Nate Jackson and drummer and keyboardist Ricky Atallah.
Jackson’s expressive and wide-ranging vocals drive, power and fuel the diverse material.

The EP’s title track is“ Black Madonna.” It’s emotionally and somewhat politically charged.
“Caves” offers up a more mainstream soulful vibe. 
“Thai Curry Pizza” is in part a homage to a Long Beach restaurant that Jackson frequents, but there’s more going on than the love of pizza.

Jackson seems to be exploring something heavier and more profound within the realm and recesses of his own psyche.
Black Madonna is a challenging and thought-provoking EP but it’s also fun and danceable too. Definitely check out this EP.


We are more than punk rock and hip-hop” | Devil Season

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