March 17, 2021 by Rachael Contreras
There’s an up-and-coming artist about to blow up the Billboard charts and be played on every radio around the world and her name is Devora. If Trent Reznor and Dolly Parton had a love child, it would be Devora. She is a humble, kind, and a beautiful badass with a loveable dark side that isn’t afraid to plow through the next door to be opened.
Devora is still “new” enough to not have every piece of information about her on the internet, which we love. This gave us a clean slate when it came to our interview.
Born Ariel Devora Levitan, she is no newcomer to music. While she was in a band in high school, her parents said it began even before that; as soon as she could talk, she was performing and has always loved it.
Devora has coined the phrase “Outlaw Pop” for her style of music. She says her music doesn’t fit into any one category so instead, she’s created her own. It’s rock with a slight country twist, and a small sprinkling of industrial and goth that you can dance to if you wanted. It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before and it fits into multiple musical genres.
After spending the last year working on her four-song EP with Tiger Tone Records, Devora says the two producers were able to take her vision and ideas coming into the process. She says her single, “Not Dead Yet,” has more of a rock sound than the other songs that will be on the EP, but they will have “different shades of different sounds.” She says, “’Not Dead Yet’ is a salute to outlaws everywhere.”
If you haven’t already seen the “Not Dead Yet” video, when you’re done reading this article, do yourself a massive favor and go watch it. It’s exciting, sexy, dramatic, and leaves you wanting more! Devora is a huge Nine Inch Nails and “Natural Born Killers” fan, so it only makes sense that her badass rock video with a wild west theme looks like Trent Reznor himself directed it (seeing as how he produced the “Natural Born Killers” soundtrack in 1994).
Explaining the EP, Devora told us, “Each song makes up a story and they are all connected. We’re trying to do something immersive that takes you on a journey through the wild west that I’ve created through these songs. Each song is a pillar for each story so they all connect. As the journey continues you get to learn more about the experiences and really starts to evolve. ‘Not Dead Yet’ was the video kick-off.”
In the video, you see Devora in what looks like a seedy, abandoned hotel in the middle of the desert. At one point, the music pauses to a close up of her face and with a cavalier look she opens her mouth for you to find a freaking scorpion on her tongue! If that’s not pure badassery, we don’t know what is. Let’s face it, she’s a beautiful lady and there’s no hiding it in this video, but to add this component was absolute genius!
Devora said the scorpion in the mouth was her idea because it was a symbol of empowerment for her. In fact, when most girls are stereotyped for having cats or a small, annoying purse dog, Devora is so unique that she has a pet scorpion. His name is Jean Clawd (Get it?) and he was supposed to make a cameo in this video, but like most star-studded scorpions, the fame went to his head and he refused to cooperate. Perhaps he will make his video debut in one of the three upcoming videos.

Devora’s next single release will hopefully be mid-April, and the second installment in her video story will possibly accompany it. The complete EP is set to be released in the summer, so we have the next three-story installments to look forward too.
There are some big things in store for Devora fans in 2021. She told us, “We have a lot of cool multimedia stuff coming up that’s going to be really fun to integrate fans into. I’m really looking forward to taking the imagery from the desert and wild west and overall scenery that the videos provide and making it accessible for fans. I’m really excited about that.”
All we can say is that a hurricane is coming and her name is Devora. We can’t say enough great things about her and we are excited to see what she has in store for us – and we can’t wait for Jean Clawd’s debut!