Dez Money Gives Us All He’s Got

August 13, 2021 by Traci Turner

California singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dez Money has just released a new song and video, “Give Me All You Got,” and he told OC Music News all about it.
If you have not heard of Dez Money, let’s just say he’s not some rando. Money grew up in a musical family as the son of the legendary Eddie Money. With dad being a Grammy-nominated artist responsible for hits like “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets to Paradise,” Dez learned to play multiple instruments. “I try to play a little bit of everything on my record. I play the drums, I play the bass, the guitar, synths, piano. So pretty much everything you hear on the songs is all me.”
While some kids try to do the opposite of their parents, Money could not resist the call of making music. “I just love music so much, so I was always picking up different instruments and seeing what I could do,” he told us. “It really helped me with songwriting because I get to see each instrument have its own place. I feel like in some bands it could be difficult with the musicians giving each other space to shine. So for me, I just have a lot of fun just making the songs and each song’s kind of its own thing.”
Money and his siblings have played in their father’s band, plus their own ventures. Money released his first album, “Take Me Down,” in 2015 and followed it up with “Blue” in 2020. The years in between included touring together and starring in a reality series, “Real Money.”
Unfortunately, the Money family lost their father in September 2019. Still reeling from his passing, they were then in the same situation we all were; a global pandemic. Money spent much of 2020 finding solace by working on music. He intended to make one album, but he may have ended up with enough material for two. “I was in the studio a lot and I was able to have the time to spend working on my craft. At first, I was just going to do this one album, but I kept making more and more music,” he explained. “So we’ll see if it turns out to be maybe a double album or something. But yes, I have a lot of music on the way and I’m really excited to share it with everyone. And we’re also getting ready to start playing shows once again and I’m really looking forward to that as well.”
When writing songs, Money does not stick to one genre and tries to reach as many people as he can with his lyrics. “I try to make it more of a universal thing and try to have lyrics that a lot of people could relate to,” he explained. “That’s the main thing is just having songs that people can sing along to and they can feel the same way.” For instance, last year’s “Lost” was not about the pandemic since it was written just before things hit, but it touched something in people who were now “lost” at home away from friends and family.
“Lost” was the first single from the upcoming album, and now Money is releasing “Give Me All You Got.” The video – which Money directed and edited – includes multiple nods to his family.
In addition to the location being a literal money room, Money’s younger brother Julian drums along with him on the very drum set their father’s band used on tours for 20 years. Money also included a sentimental touch by using the guitar his father used in the “Two Tickets to Paradise” video. “That was really special to us to bring that to the music video because we’re showing that we’re keeping it going. The Money family is still doing our thing, doing what we love and having a lot of fun,” he told us.
Just like many musicians, Money is eager to be back at live shows, playing his new music for us. He has been gathering with other musicians – some of them are indeed siblings – and hopes to have a tour schedule soon. He is also wrapping up the new album and releasing songs as he feels the urge. He feels this gives each song its own chance to shine instead of getting lost in the mix of a whole album.
Needless to say, look out for big things to come from Dez Money in 2021 and beyond.


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