Island Glow Tour

May 9, 2023 by Jimmy Alvarez

They are by far one of the most entertaining and charismatic bands to come out of the OC – Huntington Beach to be exact. They are locals who never forgot their roots, but just as important, they have a sense of unity and family that only the greats can build on. Dirty Heads has been killing it since 2006, and they show no signs of slowing down.
In a recent chat with lead crooner Jared Watson, we touched on many of the themes that keep these local legends true to their music, and humble to the core.

Their 2022 release, “Midnight Control,” is doing extremely well and debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Alternative charts. To go beyond the music is the best way to understand why this band is so entranced in admiration of their fans.
When we spoke last, Watson was elated at the success of the album. While Dirty Heads has had phenomenal success over the years, Watson said he was very proud of this album. In fact, he said it may just be the best work they have ever done.

The results definitely show and their fans still can’t get enough of Dirty Heads. They sell out no matter where they play, and no matter how far back in the crowd you look at any gig, and their fans look cartoon crazy, beyond animated when Dirty Heads take the stage. That was evident at this year’s Cali Vibes Fest.
Looking back and forward, there was so much content for the “Midnight Control” sessions, an EP titled “Midnight Control – Night Two” was just released last month and we can look forward to the balance which will be titled “Midnight Control Deluxe.”
The thing that makes these guys stand out is their ear for good music. At times, some bands can get caught up in their own success and it can get in the way of development; their evolution so-to-speak. Luckily, that is not the case for Dirty Heads. They listen, learn, and grow. Ask any of the fans their shows and you’ll hear the same thing: “We can’t wait to hear what’s next!”

“Rescue Me” – from the “Night Two” EP – is doing great among the DH faithful. The string of hits that have come out of their camp the past few years has raised the bar of just how extraordinary this band can be. They can take any song, no matter the genre, and do something with it and make it unique with a familiar flavor that blows up to a sonic boom that you have to see live to truly appreciate.
Despite all their success, fame, and admiration from their followers, the band has maintained their sanity and remains as down-to-earth as anyone you know. Dirty Heads features Jared “Dirty J” Watson (co-lead vocals), Dustin “Duddy B” Bushnell (co-lead vocals, guitar), Jon Olazabal (percussion), David Foral (bass), Shawn Gonzalez (keys, backing vocals), Mark Bush (trumpet, backing vocals), Ruben Durazo (trombone, backing vocals), and Matt Ochoa (drums). Their collective onstage presence is a sonic journey that spirals up to class and coolness.

A few other tunes that light up the night – and their fans’ faces at any show – include “Heavy Water,” “Midnight Control,” “Life’s Been Good,” “That’s All I Need,” “Vacation,” “Rage,” “Lay Me Down,” “My Sweet Summer,” “Lift Me Up,” “Sound of Change,” “Burn Slow,” “Medusa,” “Spread Too Thin,” and “Celebrate.” That’s just a sample of the songs that mean the world to their global fans!

As it stands, you can catch these emerging legends at this year’s Cali Roots Fest in Monterey at the end of the month. Then they will be a little bit of everywhere USA on their Island Glow Tour before they come back home to play FivePoint Amphitheatre on September 23rd.

Their shows are like nothing in recent memory you have experienced. It is like a family reunion as fans come from everywhere on the planet to take in the Dirty Heads. Get your tickets, get in line, and get ready for one of the best concert experiences of 2023!