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With John Easdale

January 17, 2022 by Holly Jones

It is said that things that go out of style eventually come back. That’s normally for fashion, and that has never worked out for me, but what does work is music and bands. Over the last few years, a handful of bands have re-ignited interest in their music by releases new material, and one of those bands is Dramarama.
Led by ‘80s alt rock icon John Easdale, Dramarama found success with their 2020 release of “Color TV.” Being their first alum in 15 years, the album spawned three hits that wiggled their way to the radio airwaves and stream sites. The band has enjoyed success with “Swamp Song,” “It’s Only Money” and “Up To Here.” The album even made its way to a few of those “top albums” lists in 2020.

DRAMARAMA at The Coach House

San Juan Capistrano

February 5, 2022

In an interview when the album was first released, Easdale told us he was very excited about the new album. He said “There’s not a ton of demand for new music from older bands, y’know what I mean?” He went on to say, “Long gone are the days where a record company would call you up or give you a boatload of cash and say let’s do this. Times have changed, and that allowed us to take our time and put out something we are very happy with.” For their followers, that down time served them well as fans have embraced the new music.
Originally from New Jersey, Easdale and Dramarama call Southern California home, and the lifestyle suits them. Led by Easdale, the band still puts out music with a heart-pumping sound. Easdale’s vocals are still some of the best in the industry, and the band continues to electrify on stage. Dramarama today also features Peter Wood (guitar), Mark Englert (guitar), Mike Davis (bass) and Tony Snow (drums).  
The million-dollar question… why do their fans love this band so much? Aside the great new tunes, their music is a big part of who we are. Their hits continue to get airplay and they also do well on streaming services. Songs like “Last Cigarette,” “What Are We Gonna Do,” “Haven’t Got a Clue,” and “Wonderamaland.” Then there is the song we have all heard and love to sing along to, “Anything Anything.”
Dramarama is living history and you can catch them in person very soon. They will be at The Canyon in Montclair on February 4th, the big OC show at The Coach House on February 5th, and then back to the Canyon in Agoura Hills on February 26th.
They will also be playing Lost at Sea on May in Catalina with a host of other great ‘80s-era bands.
DRAMARAMA LIVE | PHOTO by Green-Eyed Blonde Photography




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